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Cool abandoned places in the world

Tired of the usual tourist traps when you go on vacation?

Looking to impress your mate with a trip to some place unique?

Here are a couple cool abandoned places to consider for your next holiday trip or weekend getaway:


The Mir mine

The Mir mine:  This site, sometimes referred to as the Mirny mine, is located in Mirny, in Eastern Siberia, Russia.  This is an inactive, open pit diamond mine.  With a depth of 1, 722 feet (525 meters), it is the 4th deepest mine in the world and the second largest hole on the planet.  It has a diameter of 3,900 feet (1200 meters) and was discovered by Russian geologists Viktor Avdeenko, Ekaterina Elagina and Yuri Khabardin on June 13, 1955.


Villa Epecuén800px-Villa_Epecuén

Villa Epecuén: This was once a thriving tourist village in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  It was built in the early 1920s.  Once famous for its therapeutic salty waters (Lago Epecuén), it once played host to over 7,000 visitors and was easily accessible from Buenos Aires by train.  Unfortunately, on November 10, 1985,

On 10 November 1985, a rare weather pattern caused a significant undulation ruptured a nearby dam and the town’s protective dike.  Villa Epecuén was flooded.  The water level rose to as high as 33 feet (10 meters) making the town uninhabitable.  It was never rebuilt.


Think these places are cool?  This is just the beginning.  Keep your eyes on American Live Wire for information on more cool abandoned places.

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