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Cyber Monday December 2nd, The Online Black Friday

If you are one of the lucky ones who survived this past Friday with some money left in your bank account, and room on your credit limits then Cyber Monday is for you. Other shoppers may have rushed out to fight the crowds for good deals, but the lesser known Cyber Monday sales are going to take place online tomorrow. Stay at home on Thanksgiving next year, and wait for Cyber Monday‘s specials. The deals are sometimes even better, and you won’t have to wait in long lines. December 2, 2014 will mark this year’s date for Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday December 2nd, The Online Black Friday

Lots of online businesses participate in the Cyber Monday sales. You will see giants like Amazon.com as well as mom and pop online businesses having sales to mark the occasion. Last year consumers in the US spent almost $1.5 Billion on Cyber Monday. Each year the sales volumes have been bigger and bigger since it was started in 2006. Not to be outdone, other countries are also taking part in the Cyber Monday spirit. Countries like Canada, UK, Germany and others all celebrate the special occasion.

Many people shop for everyday items online, even on Cyber Monday, but most people expect there to be the greatest savings on electronic devices. This year there are a lot of people scouring the web for deals on the XBox One and PS4 game systems, but most people are coming up empty handed. These newly released systems were even devoid of love on Black Friday. There weren’t any retailers in site with these systems on hand, let alone having any discounts or incentives for buying it. Being that they are still so new, the manufacturers and retailers are riding the full MSRP wave on these hot items. If you wanted the now-outdated PS3 or XBox 360 those were getting plucked off the shelves for between $99-199 each. One thing you would need to keep in mind when buying those systems is that most new games coming to the market will not be released on these older systems in the near future.

If you haven’t taken part in a Cyber Monday shopping event yet, perhaps its just because you weren’t aware of it yet. It might be time to head back to work after the holiday on Monday, but don’t forget to check the web for good prices on items you and your family have on your wishlists. Here’s a glimpse at some of the front page deals over at Amazon.com:

Cyber Monday

Amazon.com plans to have Cyber Monday sales all week long, while supplies last.


Cyber Monday December 2nd, The Online Black Friday.

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