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Depression during the holidays

Depression during the holidays is not uncommon.  But before running to the doctor or the friendly neighborhood psychiatrist there’s something one should remember.  Everyone feels down from time to time.  It’s simply a normal part of life.  If feelings of despair and emptiness become constant and overwhelming however, it could possibly be depression.  Depression is more than just the transient “blues”.  Depression truly makes it difficult to function in let alone actually enjoy life.


One’s favorite activities, friends and even lovers no longer are of interest.  Exhaustion may be a constant condition and trying to simply get through one’s everyday routines can become totally overwhelming.  Indeed, when one is depressed, things can feel hopeless.  With help and support, however, things can get better.  Perhaps the first step is actually understanding depression.  Education is the key.  Knowing about such things as causes, symptoms and treatment is a good place to start.

Mood changes are common for human beings.  Everyone has ups and downs and unfortunately sadness is normal and not uncommon when it comes to reacting to life’s disappointments, setbacks and struggles.  While the average Joe on the street might use the word “depression: to describe these feelings depression is actually much more serious than simple sadness.

Depression is more like existing in a black hole.  It is like living with a constant feeling of impending doom.  People who are truly depressed don’t really feel sad.  They feel apathetic, empty inside and all but lifeless.  Depression is unlike normal feelings of sadness.  Depression overtakes and engulfs one’s entire life.  Depression interferes with one’s ability to eat, sleep, work and of course enjoy life.  In truth, depression makes one feel helpless, hopeless and worthless.  They are intense, relentless feelings that offer little relief if left untreated.

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