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Real Life Walter White Lived “Breaking Bad” Years Before The Popular AMC Show

Vice has released a short documentary profiling a successful meth cook named Walter White. 

No, strangely enough this doesn’t actually have anything to do with the AMC series “Breaking Bad.”

“The Real Walter White,” chronicles the journey of a man who lived the series for real.

In 1998, a real man named Walter White, sharing the same name as the lead character played by Bryan Cranston on the series, was making thousands of dollars a day cooking what he claimed to be the purest meth around.

“Walter wasn’t a low level meth cook, he knew what he was doing,” said a woman interviewed in the video.

There are some bizarre parallels between both the fictional character and the real life man.

Both the real and fictional White were making thousands of dollars a day by cooking and selling meth. Both considered themselves to be family men and hid what they were doing from their families.

The real life White even had his own Jessie Pinkman, if you will, saying that he had a lab partner that he worked with.

AMC’s character worked in New Mexico, but the real life White cooked and sold his meth in Alabama.

The man has garnered an incredible amount of residual fame since “Breaking Bad” has become such a cultural phenomenon and success.

“My name is Walter White, and I’m a meth cook. And for ten years, I had the best meth in Alabama,” White Said.

The documentary was released on Wednesday and already has more than 1 million views on YouTube.

Be sure to check out the documentary, “The Real Walter White,” below.

YouTube video courtesy of Vice



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