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Apple Purchased Topsy For More Than $200 Million

Apple, Inc. made a big move today, as they reportedly bought the social media analytics firm Topsy. The deal was supposedly more than $200 million for the buyout of the tech firm. Some people are left wondering what Apple would want to do with a social media based company, since they aren’t really involved in that spectrum themselves. The deal is apparently geared toward some new services that Apple wants to develop to make their iOS based systems even more valuable to consumers of their products.

Apple Purchased Topsy For More Than $200 Million

[caption id="attachment_89114" align="alignleft" width="300"]Apple Purchases Topsy For More Than $200 Million Apple purchased social media analytics company Topsy for a sum reported to be over $200 million.[/caption] Topsy is a service that not many social media users would be familiar with, and that’s okay for Apple. The real value in Topsy is the companies ability to make sense out of a large amount of Twitter data, and allow it to be turned into actionable information. So while Twitter users and followers are mostly unaware of who is looking at all of their tweets, companies like Topsy are dissecting it and turning it into meta data that businesses can use for either targeting, marketing, or developing products. Topsy just essentially takes data that is readily available and makes it more easily available, and most importantly meaningful to businesses at a price.

It is not yet clear if Apple intends to use the Topsy service to sell information to other businesses, or if they wanted to acquire the firm so that they could be the sole benefactors of the companies software and capabilities. There has been some speculation that Apple may use the software to dissect information on their users to target music and apps more accurately to their users in the App Store and iTunes. This would allow Apple to base it’s suggestions not only on your previous searches and purchases, but most importantly on what you are saying and sharing online. Topsy also has the ability to pull information about what registered users are saying and where they are visiting elsewhere online, even outside of their Twitter access.

It would seem that the new age of Social Media companies being bought out for large sums of money is still alive and well. Some may speculate that there is a theoretical bubble ready to burst, and others say that there is much more to come. People’s habits have yet to shift away from social media, and its relevance as a business and service is growing more and more valuable to both corporations and consumers.

Apple Purchased Topsy For More Than $200 Million.

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