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Kayaker Killed In Brutal Shark Attack Off Maui

This Monday morning a kayaker died as a result of his injuries from a shark attack off the island of Maui.

Kayaker Brutally Attacked Off Maui Dies From Injuries

Reports of an injured man that was bitten by a shark while kayaking off Makena came in to the office of the Maui County Safety Department at approximately 10:20 am on Monday morning.

Makena beach sharks

Photo Makena Beach Maui, Public Domain

According to witnesses from the dive boat, the gruesome scene revealed that the unfortunate kayaker was likely deceased before he made it to shore.

The kayaker was not alone in the often shark frequented waters of Makena, between Maui and Molokini.  The victim was in the company of an “elder” close friend who tried to save him first by tourniquet and then by seeking the aid of a close by dive boat called the “Sea Spirit”, who provided transportation for the victim and friend to shore pending medical aid.

A witness from Walnut Creek California named William Dunaway was on the Sea Spirit who noticed “as they got closer we saw that his foot was missing, and his leg was pretty shredded.” The beaches from Makena Landing to a popular surf spot locals call “Dumps” have been closed until Tuesday until noon.

Just last month the Huffington Post noted an unprecedented number of shark attacks this year (2013) off Maui, creating not just bad press but negatively effected tourism, an all too common problem for the Hawaiian islands.

Out of the 11 shark attacks listed on Hawaii Sharks (most recent incident not included) 6 of those were off Maui, and one in August was off Makena as well.

Some scientist believe that turbid, stormy, churned waters, could be to blame for the increase in shark attacks, causing the sharks to make mistakes in attacking humans because they are essentially hunting in the dark. This seems highly disputable since seasonal changes or basic consistencies in weather and attacks would be able to confirm that theory quite easily.

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  • leibwss

    Where the kayaker was attacked, well off shore, the water is usually very clear.
    It is suspected that tiger sharks are migrating through the area but that can’t explain the number of attacks as compared to other years.
    Despite this, Maui’s water are still safer than the mean streets of America’s major cities but that is of no consolation to the victim and his family.