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Toledo Ohio School Standoff Comes To An End, 14 Year Old In Custody

A high school student in Toledo, Ohio put a school on lock down today when he brandished what appeared to be a pistol. He became isolated in the school’s hallway with his pistol while students took shelter in classrooms. The boy had a CO2 powered Pellet Gun that appeared to be a more traditional firearm. The 14 year old student lead police into a standoff, meanwhile the school was evacuated.

Toledo Ohio School Standoff Comes To An End

[caption id="attachment_89083" align="alignleft" width="400"]Scott High Student Subdued During Standoff A 14 year old high school student wielded a gun on Monday, meanwhile students took shelter in classrooms.[/caption] The incident occurred at Scott High on 2400 Collingwood Blvd in Toledo.  Police spent some time talking with the student in the hallway, trying to determine his motives from bringing a gun to the school. Little details were given to the police, and presumably they found him to be less threatening that initially perceived. The student did not provide police with any motive, and the student did not seem overly violent.

The excitement came to an end when a keen officer shot a bean bag bullet at the student’s foot, which took him down. This use of less than lethal force is not typical of all school standoffs, meaning that the student is fortunate to have had level-headed officers at the scene. Police were able to subdue and apprehend the young boy with little resistance afterwards. All in all, no officers or students were harmed in the standoff, even the gun-wielding teenager left the scene with little more than bruising.

The student has not yet been identified, and no motive has been determined. Police had spoken to a woman who arrived on the scene, claiming to be the students mother. While their names have not yet been released, the mother was also confused why her son would have exhibited such unusual behavior. The suspect was described by some as being a typical student without any outlying issues.

Featured image from Toledo Public Schools site.

Toledo Ohio School Standoff Comes To An End.

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