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Sci-Fi books are still popular today

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Sci-Fi books are still popular today.

Sci-Fi books are still popular today.  In fact, there are many noteworthy science fiction books presently on the market.   When it comes to a theme as simple as alien invasions and planetary resistance these are some of the top choices in that category.

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Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card was published in 1985.  Part of the Ender series, this particular volume is both an essential part of the sequence and a critically-acclaimed stand-alone novel.  In this book the human race is attacked by aliens who almost succeed in wiping out everyone.  Ender Wiggin, a child genius, is the best of the government’s breeding program of military geniuses.  There’s a race against time that is a surprised-filled highlight of the story.

Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke was published in 1954 but still works well today.  It focuses on the evolution of humanity.  Aliens invade and force humanity into its own version of peace.  While the aliens turn out to actually be generally benevolent and generally raise humans to a new level the exciting climax to the book makes this one of Clarke’s best books ever.

Perhaps the most well-known novel in this category is one which many never actually really read. The War of the Worlds by H G Wells was published in 1898.  While many know of the radio adaptation which actually caused incredible public panic or the more recent loose Tom Cruise film adaptation, the story was actually first told in the pages of a novel.  Labeled by the author as “science fantasy”, the book tells the tale of a Martian invasion which does great damage to the planet.   Humans struggle to resist but don’t fare very well.   Just when it looks grim for the future of mankind, the author adds a Darwinian twist.

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