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Michelle Calms Sunny The White House Dog After She Gets Frisky Knocking Over A Toddler

First Lady, Michelle Obama reacts quickly as her dog, Sunny decides to get a wee bit frisky with children at a luncheon. Sunny the younger, sister to Beau got a taste of Presidential life first hand.

In an unprovoked innocent attack on Wednesday, Sunny went to say hello to young child in the White House and knocked her to the ground.

Sunny stole the spotlight outright when 2-year-old Ashtyn Gardner, of Mobile, Ala., lost her balance and dropped to the carpet when Michelle Obama led the leashed puppy (a separate handler held Bo) into the State Dining Room, where the first lady and military children had been decorating cookie ornaments, making tissue-paper flowers and using dried fruit to make tiny wreaths.

Two life-sized replicas of the Portuguese water dogs, made from black satin ribbon, are one of the first things people will see this month as an expected 70,000 visitors stream in to the White House for tours and holiday functions. Both dogs wag their tails and Bo gives a high-five. They are surrounded by Christmas trees made of books.

Video from the scene shows Sunny’s head rising into the frame as Michelle pulls back on her leash, saying, “OK, OK, OK” to the dog as she jumped up on a cute little girl in a black coat.

The pets, dark chocolate miniature versions, are also part of the annual gingerbread White House display. Both dogs hang out near a functioning replica of the fountain on the North Lawn. The illuminated, edible White House sits on top of a life-sized fireplace fashioned from more than 1,200 Springerle cookies. The entire display weighs about 300 pounds and is trashed after the holidays due to its prolonged exposure to so many people.

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