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Free music downloads: MTV.com, Video2Mp3.net and MP3.com




Free music downloads are available on many websites.  Many sites even provide free music downloads legally.  Some websites include a tutorial or specific directions on how to do it.  In most cases, users must simply navigate to the website and click on an appropriately labeled series of tabs and then wait while the music actually downloads. MTV.com What is more important is to know where to go to download the free music.  One of the best sites to find free music to legally download is MTV.com.  This site offers a lot of free tunes and they are often by new bands.  There is no limit to the number of downloads either. They claim to have all the biggest downloads from the most popular artists.  In the case of this site one simply clicks on MUSIC at the top of the page.  Next the user clicks on “Downloads” and click on the specific artist featured at which point a window opens and the user clicks on “download” one again.

Video2Mp3.net By far the most popular and safest way to convert a video to an mp3 is through video2mp3.net. The site allows you to simply copy a link from youtube then paste that link in their converter. It will then create the mp3 and allow you to play it in itunes. While the site doesn’t specifically advise you to steal music and is just a convertor source, many users have decided to make use of the option. Millions of people use this service and recommend the site each day. Everything is free. Downloads are unlimited. What more could you ask for. Get your youtube to mp3 conversion done here.

MP3.com Another top source of free music is MP3.com.   This site is managed by CNET Networks and gives users details on digital music, songs, artists and more. It was perhaps one of the earliest websites to especially promote and generally provide free tunes by independent and/or lesser-known, newer musicians.  It presently provides users the opportunity to download free and paid music. Here the user simply locates the home page, clicks on “Free Music” at the top of the page and then views various pictures of numerous bands offering daily free songs.  The music fan then clicks on the phrase “Free MP3 Of The Day” under the picture and downloads the tune using the software window provided.  With sites such as these it is generally that easy and does not even require a free membership.

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