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Epic Rap Battle Guys, Rhett and Link, Want You To Get Off The Phone (Song/VIDEO)

The two guys that gave the world the wildly popular Epic Rap Battle back in 2010, Rhett and Link, have just given us another comical observation about some disturbing changes in society. Ok, so the message isn’t as profound as much as prophetic, it’s more of a societal glimpse into how we all really look when attached to our phones all the time.

The Latest Message From Rhett and Link, “Get Off The Phone”

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Photo:By Civ/D. Myles Cullen [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Smartphones have made us all connected all the time, in an addictive way, but have also disconnected us all from reality each time we are engaged in our cellular world.

Being distracted on your smartphone is not just annoying or rude, it can be fatal. Driving and texting (or talking) on your cell phone is illegal in many states due to the many auto accidents this type of distraction causes, yet most of us still do it. Perhaps that is in part why Buick has sponsored this latest video by Rhett and Link, which will also be available on iTunes for download.

Here’s the latest from Rhett and Link in “Get Off Your Phone“, uploaded to YouTube December 3rd, 2013, who recommend for the most ironic experience, watching it on your smartphone (just not while driving)!

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