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Which Is More Fun, Skiing Or Snowboarding? Scientifically Speaking, It’s Skiing

Sport psychologists have released their findings in what is sure to be a hotly debated comparison, between which is more fun, skiing or snowboarding?

Skiing vs. Snowboarding, Which Is More Fun?

Skiing or snowboarding popularity

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Their research reveals that in fact skiers tend to enjoy hitting the slopes as much as 5 times more than snowboarders.

There is bound to be large opposition (and support) of these findings from a survey concentrated on a group of 279 people at three different ski resorts around South Korea. This research was led by a sports scientist from Florida State University named Hyun-Woo Lee. The research conducted by Lee was also supported by his fellow colleagues at Yonsei University in South Korea, the full scientific report has been published in “Applied Quality of Life” studies entitled in part, “Happiness in a Ski Resort Context,” not a bad research project to combine with a nice vacation.

skiing or snowboarding

Photo By: Jonathanawhite at en.wikipedia [Public domain],Wikimedia Commons

First there are some things that both snowboarders and skiers can agree on, first and foremost, that is snow is heavenly!

There is no denying that both skiing and snowboarding are pleasurable, both are great for your physical mental and even emotional well-being, but according to research skiers receive far more gratification from a day on the slopes.

“Skiers had higher means on pleasure and involvement compared to other participants enjoying snowboarding or both,” said Lee in the report.

The reason behind this now scientific evidence is based on engagement and “involvement”, which was discovered at higher levels with skiers, thereby increasing the amount of pleasure received in return from the sport.

In the US as of 2012, 8.8 million people considered themselves to be skiers or snowboarders.

Snowboarding was created in the 1960’s here in America, and in 1998 the sport became an official Winter Olympic Sport.

Skiing of course is not new and at least until the 1860’s was used primarily as a means of transportation, not a recreational sport.

Both winter sport enthusiasts’ numbers are declining according to financial constraints, yet there does seem to be some truth to people preferring skiing over snowboarding. At the beginning of this year it was reported by the Seattle Times that the decline of snowboarding is a sign that what’s old is new again, and youth are “over” the snowboarding craze.

Generally the costs involved with skiing are higher than in snowboarding (injuries excluded), since there is additional equipment, such as poles required, and the skis alone can triple the cost of a decent snowboard.

There’s one person who would likely disagree with the results of this study, who seems in fact quite stoked that “Winter is Coming”, via the Shaun White YouTube channel.

All new research and trends aside, American Live Wire would love to know your opinion, which is more fun, skiing or snowboarding? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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