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Couple Receives Bag of Cash at McDonald’s Drive-thru

What would you do if you were handed a bag of cash after going through a McDonald’s drive-thru? Wait until you hear what one couple did when they received a bag of cash at a Tennessee McDonald’s

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A suburban Nashville couple got more than they expected in their to-go order in a McDonald’s drive-thru: A bag of cold cash.

WTVF-TV reports (http://huff.to/18okWFS) thousands of dollars in cash packaged for a bank deposit had been placed in a paper to-go bag near the drive-thru orders on Tuesday morning. An employee mistakenly passed the bag to Greg and Stacye Terry who had just been looking for breakfast.

The employee realized the mistake almost immediately and followed the Terrys to their home a short distance away.

Meanwhile, the couple opened the bag and discovered the money. They said they had a good laugh and even posted photos of the cash on Facebook before returning it.

Store owner and operator Phil Gray in a statement thanked the Terrys and said he is looking into how the mistake happened.

Meanwhile, the couple was ready for breakfast.

“My husband opened the bag and discovered the money inside,” Stacye Terry said. “He said, ‘You are not going to believe this.’ Sure enough, it was their bank deposit money.

“The second that he said it was their deposit, my first thing was let’s get in the truck and take it back.”

They said they had a good laugh and even took photos of the cash before returning it to the employee. They posted a picture to Facebook of the wads of bills in plastic bags with what look like yellow deposit slips.

Phil Gray, the owner and operator of the McDonald’s, responded to the incident with the following statement:

We are grateful for this customer and the action they took upon realizing out error. We are looking into why this mistake happened, but what is most important to us is knowing that we are part of a community with the values that were evidenced by this person’s actions.

What would you do if you were on the receiving end of this McDonald’s bag of cash mix up?


Information from: WTVF-TV, http://www.newschannel5.com


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Couple Receives Bag of Cash at McDonald’s Drive-thru.

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  • IQTech52

    Go back to the store, ask for the manager and give it back right away! No individual franchise can afford to lose a whole days deposits. Keeping the money puts people out of work.

  • micky

    i woulda asked for free macas all year for the return of the money. wouldnt of been enough to run off with lol