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Free game apps for Android

Some of the best free game apps available for Android are also the tops on other “best of” lists.  It should be no surprise that the very best free game app for Android is Candy Crush Saga.  In this game the player switches and matches their way through hundreds of levels with each level having its own twist.   This King.com-created game features the same challenges and excitement as the other versions of this popular pastime.

Teenage Girl Laying In Park Using Mobile PhoneAnother popular free game app for Android is Pocket Empires Online.  This game, brought to you by the people at Pocket-Play.com, is said by critics to be the “ultimate” online (MMO) war game.  The game is praised of its 10 different structures used to build cities, the 30 different creatures that the gamer must either capture or recruit and the 50 power-enhancing items and the 40 assorted techs also used to help the player.  The game is based on a time-based system as the user harvests, builds and conquerors.

Finally, Robo Defense is yet another famous free game app.  This is what experts call a tower defense genre game.  The game includes troops and planes as well as something other games of this type don’t include–open maps.  The game, designed by Lupis Labs Software, is also praised for its unlockable achievements.  The free version includes 1 map with almost a dozen different difficulty levels, noteworthy graphics and available upgrades.  If a gamer chooses to purchase the full version his/her playing progress will be instantly imported into the paid version.


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