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Science World In Love With Graphene, Strongest Material On Earth

The scientific world is full of excitement for a relatively new substance known as Graphene. Scientists, and potential manufacturers, should be excited because Graphene is not only incredibly strong, but it can be made as thin as a single atom. The ability to make the material so thing, yet strong, means that it can also be made flexible. This new material will allow manufacturers in the future to build objects in sizes and strengths that are nearly impossible today.

Science World In Love With Graphene, Strongest Material On Earth

[caption id="attachment_89755" align="alignleft" width="300"]Graphene Scientists are excited for the potential to get their hands on this awesome man-made substance. Image from Wikipedia.org[/caption] While Graphene holds a lot of promise for the future, today’s struggles still exist. Scientists who wish to produce the material are going to have their work cut out for them. The biggest issue at the moment with Graphene is that to produce the carbon-based substance, you need to produce it at extremely high heat. The temperatures needed to make a significant amount of the material seem to be hotter than traditional manufacturing and laboratory components can handle. This minor setback will not stop science for long.

Graphene is not only strong and flexible, but it also has the added perk of being electrically efficient. Some reports show that the wonder-material has the capability to conduct electricity with 100% efficiency even up to temperatures that could make water boil (100*C / 212* F).

The commercial uses of a material like Graphene are nearly limiteless. This material could have practical uses in nearly anything, such as Automobiles, Golf Clubs, Firearms, Artificial Limbs, and Personal Electronics just to name a few. Once the mass-scale production of this material can be achieved you can expect it to become a marketing material for almost any high-end product. It may initially come out in high-priced items as an exotic material to attract attention to a product (like you saw with Carbon Fiber), but it will still have a practical use in equipment of our future. Much like a diamond, Graphene is made from carbon molecules, but unlike a diamond, Graphene will be flexible and practical.

Science World In Love With Graphene, Strongest Material On Earth.

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