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Mars One Unveils Plans To Colonize Red Planet

The private company Mars One is moving forward with its plans to privately send humans to the planet Mars, and start colonization of the planet. The company is currently searching for candidates to send to the Red Planet as it continues to develop the craft that it hopes to launch in the near future. Before sending humans to the surface of Mars, the company plans to send unmanned craft to the surface first to set up an established colony. From then on about once every 2 years they plan to start sending regular missions to the planet with additional resources and modules.

Mars One Unveils Plans To Colonize Red Planet

[caption id="attachment_90232" align="alignleft" width="300"]Mars One Mars One plans to send humans to the Red Planet in the near future.[/caption] Mars One has been overwhelmed with applicants to travel to Mars. Many people want to claim the right to say they were the first humans to travel to another planet. Unlike a lot of other space agencies that rely on government or corporate funding to pay for their expensive projects, Mars One is earning their money through the newly-popular method known as crowd sourcing. Crowd sourcing is where businesses propose a project that they would like interested people in the public to shell out the cash for. They have been able to raise funds so far to continue with their ambitious project to hopefully be the first to attempt to get people all the way to Mars.

The ambitious company may even hold try outs for their astronauts in a Realty TV type of manner in order raise future funds. The cost of sending anything to Mars is nearly astronomical (pun intended), let alone sending live humans with a need to eat, and producing human waste along the way.

Featured Image taken from screenshot on the MarsOne website.

Mars One Unveils Plans To Colonize Red Planet.

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