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Some Of The Best Ugly Holiday Sweater Ideas For Christmas 2013

Once upon a time it was something you only saw on Awkward Family Photo’s, now no self respecting office party or christmas shindig is complete without them, yes, its the ugly holiday sweater. Enjoying something of a renaissance period, the ugly holiday sweater continues to be one of the biggest holiday trends this Christmas.


An ugly holiday sweater is de rigueur attire at any self-respecting office party, or family christmas gathering. [Sodahead]

While some may disagree what constitutes a sweater’s true level of ugliness; generally an ugly holiday sweater needs to fill these three main criteria – be unfashionable, bulky, and entirely devoted to a holiday theme. Whether you like yours adorned with snowmen, reindeer, or jingle bells there’s sure to be a holiday sweater out there with your name on in our selection below.


Gnome Place Like Home Sweater by Toddland – The only thing on earth that has ever been more neat-o looking than Dorothy clicking her heels together in her ruby red slippers is you getting completely bamboozled and crashing every holiday party in this masterpiece.



Santa Jack Fleece Sweater by O’Neill – Ho ho ho! Channel your inner surfing santa with this cheerful fleece-lined screen printed holiday sweater thanks to California surf legend Jack O’Neill.


Frosty The Nose Thief Sweater by Tipsy Elves – Frosty gets greedy and “enhances” his lower-half at the expense of the other snowman’s nose. This is one misplaced carrot that Frosty is not complaining about.


Campfire Ombre Cardigan by O’Hanlon Mills – Keep warm in this hipster-friendly cardigan from O’Hanlon Mills. The soft ombre blended cotton construction is the perfect way to showcase such a natty, old-school-cool snowflake print.

Pastel Snow Babe Holiday Sweater by Wildfox Couture
 – Inspired by vintage skis, rainbow snowsuits and retro log cabins this not-so-ugly holiday knit can be worn throughout the Winter christmas party season, and beyond!


Sasqautch Knit Bigfoot Sweater by Shredders Apparel – Stand out in a crowd of predictable snowmen and penguin attire with this piece of amazingness. Not only is it the perfect outfit for your next squatchin’ expedition, you will be the envy of all your co-workers and friends for thinking outside the Christmas box.


Xmas Holiday Sweater by ASOS – Christmas puddings, penguins, snowflakes, christmas stockings, lights and trees this gem really has it all. Designed in London by a team of stylish taste makers – be the toast of any Xmas party with this eye catching homage to the holidays.


Laser Cat-Zillas Sweater by Stupid – What goes better with the Holidays than gargantuan Laser Cat-Zillas? Leaving explosions and rubble in their path, these Cats will make the Holidays one epic, action-packed, adventure.


Holiday Reindeer Dog Sweater by Skedouche – Dogs not only love their owners, they love to dress like them too! Don’t leave your pet pooch out this Christmas, give them the pleasure of wearing an ugly holiday sweater too with this festive red reindeer number. If you still can’t get enough, click here for some more ugly holiday sweater action.

Ugly Holiday Sweater Bonus Fact: According to the urban legend, and the authors of Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book: The Definitive Guide to Getting Your Ugly On, we have Canadians to blame for the resurgence of ugly sweater themed parties. One of the first recorded events is believed to have been documented in Vancouver circa 2001.


Some Of The Best Ugly Holiday Sweater Ideas For Christmas 2013

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