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What Android Apps are the most useful?

What Android Apps are the most useful?

Online experts have once more been asked to evaluate and list the most useful android apps.  While not all sources agreed there are a few that rise above the others.  They are Google Voice, Advanced Task Killer and Dropbox.

girl-on-cell-phone-399x266Google Voice has been considered by some online critics as being so very useful that it is easily a deciding factor for getting an Android.  (After all, as this goes to press Apple had rejected this app for the iPhone.)  Google Voice simply provides the user with a phone number that is capable of ringing to more than one device or place.  It also allows the user to access text messages and voice mail over the internet as well.  The app even makes the user’s outgoing calls appear as if they are coming from the Google Voice number which allows him/her to retain some privacy regarding his/her mobile phone number.

Advanced Task Killer is also a top android app.  Experts admit that one drawback with a multitasking mobile OS unnamedin an Android is that the user must manage his/her apps so that the phone’s battery life is not adversely affected.  ATK—or Advanced Task Killer—helps the Android owner deal with this issue.  The app even includes a widget the user may finger in order to kill all of his/her open apps.

Another very useful app is Dropbox.  Critics praise this particular cloud service.  They note that the app will automatically sync the user’s folder of various files between the user’s computers (via Linux, Mac or Windows).  The Android app, of course, also extends Dropbox to Android.  It will also work with other assorted applications –for example, Documents To Go—and open files.  Dropbox is a favorite of people on the go.


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