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LA Man Shoots And Kills Elderly Wife And Sister

Today an elderly man shot and killed his wife, who was suffering from dementia and then went to a treatment facility and shot and killed his brain-dead sister. Los Angeles Police made an arrest earlier today of a man whose identity has not yet been released. They are labeling the murders as mercy killings at this point. This is not the first wave of elderly men shooting and killing their aging family members and claiming it was done in mercy, however.

LA Man Shoots And Kills Elderly Wife And Sister

7837835The Country Villa Sheraton nursing facility was alarmed today when a family member visited his sister and shot her dead. Police arrived on the scene and were able to recover a handgun believed to have been used in the crime. After the news reached other members of the victim’s family, they had requested to Police to make a welfare check on the accused gunman’s wife, who was also suffering from mental illness at home.

Police arrived at the suspects house and found his wife dead, from gunshot wound. The 60-year old husband allegedly killed her to spare her the suffering she was perceived to go through with her mental illness. Others may argue that killing the two aging seniors was done more out of selfishness, so that the man would not have to worry about them anymore. Perhaps this was done more to ease his own suffering than to actually relieve any harm that was being done to the helpless women.

Earlier this year there was another man who shot and killed his wife in a hospital and claimed that it was done out of mercy. Doctors treating his wife had testified that she was actually getting better, and did not appear to be be suffering. Some of these types of killings can stem from mental anguish, while others may also be fueled by economic concerns for treatment.

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LA Man Shoots And Kills Elderly Wife And Sister.

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