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Smart Watches Have Competition, Meet The Smarty Ring

Before Smart Watches have become mainstream or even had a chance to be in style, they now have some fierce competition in the smart accessory department, meet the Smarty Ring.

smartwatch pebble

Photo:By Omate (Omate website) via Wikimedia Commons

Watch Out Smart Watches, Meet The Smarty Ring

The pitch begins with the statistical average number of times we check our smartphones throughout the day, which is a conservative 150 times and Smarty Ring claims to reduce this need by up to 60% (or 90 less times) by making all the information wrapped around your little finger.

Of course this micro genius idea was likely inspired in part by the ring-watch craze, which was predominantly targeted toward women. The Smarty Ring is unisex, made from non allergenic surgical steel, and water proof, claims the features on the official website.

The Smarty Ring is due to begin shipments as early as April 2014 for pre-orders!

Diamonds Are Forever, But Do They…?

Give alerts for calls, chat notifications, texts and updates

Manage calls including accepting and rejecting, speed dial, Emergency call, and have “Butt Call alert”

Have a stylish clock (including 5 time zones), Stopwatch, Alarm, Battery Status Indicator

Remotely control your phone from your ring; take pictures, control music, change profile and find your phone

ring watch and smarty watch

The first Ring Watch Ever? Circa 1780
Photo:Walters Art Museum Public domain, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL, via Wikimedia Commons

It even comes with a wireless charger, since there are no gaping holes in the sleek design. The concept and design has been met with overwhelming interest. Their indegogo crowdfunded campaign had a goal of just $40,000 yet with less than 1 day left they have reached $224,136.00. The pre-order amount is just $175, competitive with smart watches like Pebble and Sony smartwatches. The full retail price will be $275, and as of today there have been 805 purchased of 2,000 in the first shipment.  There is also a pre-order option for couples, when you purchase 2 you pay just $300 for the pair.

Buyer Beware

There is virtually no identity information as to who is behind this innovative product, since the indegogo website simply states that it is a Technology product from Chennai, India and there is nothing identifiable on the website itself other than a standard “Contact Us” form.

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