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Pranking Your Friend To Save Their Life, What Would You Do?

Pranks are fun, and sometimes they can go too far, but can you go too far when you are pranking your friend to save their life?

In a self proclaimed “Epic” prank video shared December 8th 2013 on YouTube a devoted group of friends planned and executed an elaborate stunt convincing their inebriated and passed out friend that he has actually been in a coma for the last 10 years. Welcome to 2023, making news in the future is Justin Bieber’s newest relationship and more changes to mandatory health care laws.

The Original Clean Corporate Prankster

The video by MabeInAmerica, is another signature and perhaps best yet, prank by Tom Mabe, a clean corporate comedian with a special place for pranking near his Kentucky native heart.

This prank actually has a greater purpose than going viral or raking up more than the already 14 million views its gathered so far (it’s been just 5 days)!

Since it is that time of year for increased parties and socializing, often with alcoholic beverages, this practical joke is appropriately timed and takes aim directly at those that may be tempted to drink and drive during the very merry holiday season.

A prank is much for effective than a PSA (Public Service Announcement) at hitting home for the current generation of legal drinkers, especially the victim of this prank who has already received 5 DUI’s!

Incredible as it seems 5 arrests for DUI was not enough for this guy, and his friends were understandably concerned that he would end up in a worse situation than jail, so they contrived and created this truly epic, unforgettable prank with the help of an empty office, some donated medical equipment, and even a believable phony news broadcaster.

The reaction to the prank has been positive, except from those that would like after 5 DUI’s for the prankee to suffer a bit more.

What do you think? Would you want friends like this? Would it stop you from drinking and driving in the future? Is pranking your friend this way mean or a huge favor?

Feature Photo By Pedro Vera from Reston, VA, USA (DSC05666) CC-BY-2.0  via Wikimedia Commons

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