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Twitter Rolls Back New Blocking Changes Hours After Release

On Thursday, Twitter launched a change to its blocking feature that had a lot of users upset. In the past, when a user blocked someone it prevented them from following someone’s posts, or sending them messages. On Thursday, at least for a brief amount of time, Twitter had made some changes to those rules.

Twitter Rolls Back New Blocking Changes Hours After Release

twitter blocking featureFor a few hours yesterday, until user complaints prompted Twitter to roll back their update, users who were blocked from following someone could once again read their posts and even reply to earlier conversations. This allowed many Twitter users who thought they were blocked for good to scroll through posts and even send messages to those who blocked them. The few hours for some was like a haunting where sore subjects from their past came back to bother them again.

Thankfully Twitter was keen to its users backlash, and they were very responsive at taking back the changes. There is no word on whether there will be an attempt to re-launch the changes with modification later. Most users it would seem prefer to keep blocking mean exactly what it implies. We don’t want stalkers, exes, parents, coworkers, etc to follow us when we know that it will make our lives miserable.

In the day and age of internet and social media spying, both privately and by the government, companies should be looking more into adding privacy features, rather than removing them. More people may be willing to use social media if there were more ways to keep your profiles secret from Internet and user searches. The amount of publicity given to teen bullying online should be leading a lot of these companies to reconsider the abilities and visibility of profiles for minors as well.

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Twitter Rolls Back New Blocking Changes Hours After Release.

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