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Google Acquires Boston Dynamics Sets Eyes On Real Androids

Google may be looking to do more with Androids than just sell smartphones. They have been quietly purchasing robotics companies lately, and have been hiring a few top-level robotics experts to help them on projects. It was just discovered that Google has acquired Boston Dynamics, which has already lead some of the industry in robotics innovation. The acquisition may fit in really nicely with Google, as the head of Boston Dynamics was already a previous Google visionary from the Android projects.

Google Acquires Boston Dynamics Sets Eyes On Real Androids

Boston Dynamics AtlasBoston Dynamics has already pioneered some of the most sophisticated motion systems for robots, and helped pave the way to a future full of androids. Some people may cringe at the thought of artificial beings walking among us and helping us with our daily lives and jobs. Visions from movies such as Terminator, The Matrix, I Robot, and others may conjure up thoughts of robots replicating themselves and forming a desire to take over our planet and wipe out our existence. Google probably has much more honorable intentions with their exploration into robotics.

By acquiring all of these robotics companies, rather than working with them by contract alone, Google is helping to ensure that they are in full control of the projects that are underway, and also making sure that they protect themselves from other firms getting a hold of their hard work later on without paying for it. Not much has really been said publicly yet about what Google hopes to accomplish in the near future with these companies and their technology. Google has been researching and pioneering cars that can drive themselves, so perhaps it shouldn’t be too far fetched that Google hopes to provide convenience and safety features to our lives that help add value to what we are already doing ourselves.

Featured Image of ATLAS from the Boston Dynamics website.

Google Acquires Boston Dynamics Sets Eyes On Real Androids.

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