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Amazon Recruits RV Drivers For Seasonal Camperforce

How does the world’s largest online retailer keep up with the high demands of the holiday shopping season? Amazon‘s distribution center in Campbellsville Kentucky may as well be renamed Campersville during this time. Amazon recruits many seasonal workers who work for up to a few months of the year helping the retailer fulfill customer’s online orders. Many of these seasonal workers migrate to the distribution center and bring their RVs and Campers with them. Campgrounds and parking lots in the town fill up with these migrant workers, who later return to their homes or hit the road after making some cash.

[caption id="attachment_90764" align="alignleft" width="300"]Amazon Camperforce For the holiday rush, Amazon recruits RV owners to camp out on their property and work as temporary workers.[/caption] CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Twinkling lights, decorated trees and bustling campgrounds. Those are signs of the Christmas season in Campbellsville, Ky., where the Amazon.com distribution center recruits an armada of RV owners as seasonal workers to help fill holiday orders.

They’re dubbed the “CamperForce” by the world’s largest online retailer. The hundreds of temporary workers are assigned packing, sorting and collection duties at Amazon facilities in Kentucky, Kansas and Nevada, roles meant to keep orders flowing during the yuletide rush.

Swarms of workers take up temporary residence in campgrounds. For many, it’s another short-term stint on a nonstop journey. It’s a lifestyle and mindset for the retirees, empty nesters and younger parents who shuck traditions of home and work to roam from campsite to campsite, job to job.

The stints last about three months.

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