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What is wrong with Yahoo Mail now?

What is wrong with Yahoo Mail now?

Yahoo Mail’s redesign—reportedly meant to be an attempt to clone Gmail–this past October and the technical failure immediately after has been causing problems for users for months.  The head of Yahoo Mail, Jeff Bonforte, has been dealing with a massive outage and numerous related problems since at least November.  An unknown number of users have since been reporting problems with sending and/or receiving mail, accessing certain folders or even the entire system and frequent outages.

Fortune Brainstorm TECH 2011Surprisingly, posts in Yahoo’s user forums for feedback regarding the changes and related problems contained thousands of complaints were, according to ZDNet’s Violet Blue “shut down” and stamped “completed” although there are obviously still issues.  Perhaps even more shocking is the reported attitude initially allegedly displayed by Bonforte.

Word leaked out that Bonforte told employees at a recent meeting that the only way Yahoo Mail users would abandon ship was if Yahoo kicked Mail users in the (testicles).  Bonforte, who had been caught with his pants down was quick to get on Twitter in an attempt to placate angry users and he announced that the problems are related to a difficult “hardware problem” at one of Yahoo’s mail data centers.  This situation has caused many to speculate that despite CEO Marissa Mayer’s initial company turnaround, the company may lose many of the 100 million plus faithful Yahoo Mail users.

marissa-mayerPerhaps current users no longer fall into the hip, cool, fresh demographic that the company is currently pursuing with actions such as the acquisition of Tumblr and relaunching Flickr, but they could very well be more significant to Yahoo’s finances than Mayer, Bonforte et al might realize.  Some sources believe that current Yahoo Mail users also use the company’s other services such as Yahoo News, Yahoo Groups and Yahoo Sports.  They might use Yahoo instead of Google as their main portal to numerous websites across the internet.  It could very well be that if these users disappear, Yahoo itself may very well “disappear” with them.

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  • queenofcoupons

    Ever since Yahoo redesigned itself, it’s been a nightmare for me to read any emails or even delete my emails. Keeps asking me to upgrade by browser(i’m on a mac)
    It’s slow and non responsive. I don’t know what happened, but bring back the old Yahoo. That one works…

    • usvietnamvet

      Then join one of the many groups fighting this. Unless we join together nothing will change. One of the most effective groups is modsandmembers on Yahoo Groups.

    • Upaces

      Lately, haven’t been able to make new folders.
      About a year ago, Yahoo really scared me at one point.
      I never sign out…but I could not get into my inbox.
      It kept popping up that my password wasn’t strong enough.
      After “3” tries…my last password was “37” characters long which included upper case, lower case with numbers and symbols between each.

      This is the part that freaked me out, and I told them to delete my Yahoo account.

      They asked for my phone number and a photo ID.
      I told them to delete the account and I have never been back to Yahoo since.
      I use my other Yahoo Address as a filing cabinet…but my main Yahoo Account? I had them delete it.

      • Will Phoenix

        Upace, don’t you hate that password safety crap? I know I do. Thanks for reading y stuff!

        • Upaces

          You bet!
          I guess the old saying still stands.
          “Money Talks and B.S. Walks.”

          • Will Phoenix

            Yeah, you’re right there. In fact, maybe we all should pull out. lol

          • Upaces

            Yahoo has ONE advantage vs. Gmail. If you are looking for a specific article…the Yahoo search in your inbox IS easier than Gmail.
            So? I use it for a filing cabinet vs. my home.

    • Will Phoenix

      Thanks queen,
      I soehow missed your comments but trust me i appreciate them. I never should have changed. Thanks for reading y stuff!

  • GMcDowell

    I can’t believe anyone still uses this 20th Century company’s antiquated services! It’s like they are stuck in a time warp. Are you still using Windows 95 too?

    • usvietnamvet

      No I use Win 8 but the Groups on Yahoo worked for those of us who hate Facebook and Twitter. What you view as antiquated, I call functional, user friendly and comfortable. Groups were able to serve the disabled, the elderly and the busy. Just as shoes and clothing comes in various sizes and shapes so should online services. I been using computers since they used punch cards.

    • Tom22

      I’ve tried google and others and keep coming back to yahoo. Glitz and pictures and video is Bad.. spread sheets of titled infomation to pull up an article is good. I want to organize my mind and my series of events and my desk as they want it.

      They are a stationary store, not a fing hotel that sets rules about how to use a pool or where to park or makes me check in each day.

    • chitown

      What should we use? Gmail is just as much a clusterf*ck, if not more so.

  • peterpun

    And, it’s gonna be the attempted cover-up that dooms them.
    The failed hardware is a glitch, big deal, fix it and move on.
    The cover-up… that’s gonna last.

  • Will Phoenix

    I understand queen. I can only open and delete spam maybe once a week and my regular e-mail usually has some kind of lag no matter what I want to do BUT since this was a news story I avoided including my personal problems with yahoo in there-lol. Thanks for commenting and most of all thanks for reading my stuff

  • pnwfemale

    Right now, I am using the basic version of what became known as Yahoo Neo Mail. It is slow to load and sometimes doesn’t load at all. The changes that have been made makes me think that Yahoo thinks everybody uses a touch screen. I can still work with Yahoo Mail, even with the issues; but, I have to say that it’s certainly not better than Classic Yahoo Mail.

    While I have seen plenty of articles about Yahoo Mail, I have not seen nearly the amount of articles which should be published about the revamped Yahoo Groups. Yahoo has made it next to impossible for some of us to use our Yahoo Groups as we once did. The company turned something that was fairly easy to use into something that is something like an Easter egg hunt to figure out how to do anything.

    I give up trying to do anything with groups on the group sites themselves. If I want to upload a photo, I will upload it to Photobucket rather than Flickr or the groups’ photo sections.

    • Will Phoenix

      Sorry, pn I didn’t mean to ignore you! Yes, I quite enjoyed Classic Yahoo mail but they kept bugging me to switch that I finally gave in because i couldn’t figure out how to avoid NOT doing it. I am well aware of the Yahoo Groups thing too but i was trying to keep the piece at a word count of between 2o1 and 300 words. I failed as you can see-lol Thanks for the comment and for reading my stuff!

    • usvietnamvet

      Yahoo has no concept of who uses their services and doesn’t care. They don’t care they’ve screwed disabled veterans, the non-savey computer user, the elderly, the sick and other disabled (ie blind). They have taken something wonderful and crapped all over it in the name of modernization. What they care about is much the same as a brainless teenager…they want to be hip. I personally think both Mayer and Bonforte should be tied to chairs and have to answer every complaint personally.

  • Will Phoenix

    GMcDowell, Yahoo has a lot of dedicated users. I just don’t want to deal with the hassle of changing e-mail addresses-lol Peterpun, Yeah, their approach and attitude could very well doom them. I hope they survive though because I do not want to change my address. Thanks to you both for your comments and also thanks for reading my stuff

    • Ted Barbaras

      To be honest Will — they survive because of a deal made back in 2006 with Alibaba a Chinese company. Marissa was brought to Yahoo knowing full-well the cash influx they would receive. They decided to use her to create “Buzz” but all she has done is blown Billions of dollars.

      Yahoo has sold off 50% of their ownership of Alibaba for and still own 25% of Alibaba. That investment is potentially worth over $15 Billion dollars by itself.

      Yahoo is worth 40 Billion dollars. That includes the $10 Billion they sold 25% of Alibaba for over a year ago. You do the Math and investors finally put 2 and 2 together that Alibaba is worth a lot of money.

      Why do you think Yahoo refused a buyout from Microsoft for 25-Billion dollars? That alone is what Yahoos portion of Alibaba was worth.

      Yahoo will eventually either have to downsize or will in years and years to come will blow through all of its cash under current management. The problem is current management including Marissa are not innovators they might be leaders, but they are leaders that follow. They are attempting to do what the Master Bill Gates did and that is buy all of the innovation.

      The problem is they have a lot of competition such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Microsoft, Apple and others that are not only innovators but have loads more cash.

      I had high hopes for Marissa but I see that she is mainly a follower and is stuck in the past. If she hired someone like me, I can guarantee you. I could lead Yahoo out of the slump it is in. But i’m an innovator and a take charge type of person. I take the ball and run with it, I don’t wait for someone to give it to me, or ask how much I can buy it for. I just do it.

      • Will Phoenix

        Again I am impressed that you did some homework, Ted! I have to agree with you about Marissa although I am sure she had good intentions. Still, ya have to wonder how much freedom they really gave her, too, ya know?

        • Ted Barbaras

          Well said. Could be like our dear old president. Just a puppet show. Spouting words of encouragement and putting on a good front.

        • usvietnamvet

          Someone with GOOD intentions doesn’t ignore complaints about a program that doesn’t work.

          • Will Phoenix

            I just meant I don’t think she took the job intending to do a BAD job. Although there was someone in this thread who said she might be some type of industrial double agent who was intentionally supposed to screw up Yahoo–who knows? We could just make a big blonde joke; I guess.

  • Will Phoenix

    Wow! You certainly did your homework, Ted. Thanks for reading my stuff and feel free to repost the entire comment on the article!

  • northsounder

    I was one of the longtime paying Mail Plus users and had MyYahoo as my home page. No more. The attitude and arrogance shown by Yahoo with their recent changes has driven this customer away. I hope that company goes down in flames, at least Mayer & Bonforte.

    • Will Phoenix

      Thanks for commenting and thanks for reading my stuff. I use them for e-mail but only because I am too lazy or worried about changing my e-mail address again. I am not impressed with either Mayer or Bonforte either but I do wonder if Mayer isn’t more of a pretty face for the company, ya know?

      • northsounder

        Mayer belongs on the pages of entertainment and fashion mags where she has appeared lately rather than as the CEO of a tech company. Some of her recent acquisitions (Couric, Pogue, and small tech startups) seem to be screaming that Yahoo wants to be more of an entertainment channel than anything else. I agree with Ted’s comment above. The only reason Yahoo’s stock is looking so good is because of Alibaba, acquired well before Mayer’s tenure. I’m not sure if she’s the puppet of the Board of Directors or Bonforte is her puppet. Any way you look at it, they all stink.

        It was very painful to change email addresses. I was reluctant to do it but Yahoo really gave me no choice, especially when emails went missing, were delayed arriving in my inbox, and the fake emails that appeared at the top of my inbox turned out were actually spam. I took my money, my advertiser click-throughs, and left Yahoo.

        Mayer may be a tech geek, but she is not what I consider a leader to be. The only thing she is doing is leading Yahoo down the wrong path from which I don’t think they will recover, at least any time soon.

        • Will Phoenix

          Yeah I find those ad e-mails at the top annoying as well. I sure would not pay for that e-mail regardless of how much i don’t want to change my e-mail. Well, i guess we will have to see what happens.

        • usvietnamvet

          You’re right she’s not a real leader. A real leader doesn’t have people serving her that are too scared to suggest anything because she’ll fire them. And a real leader admits their mistake and fixes it.

  • Will Phoenix

    Oh I love that! Now if only someone could help me get the original WinMX back i would be set!

  • http://al-terity.blogspot.com/ Alterity

    yahoo = garbage

  • usvietnamvet

    As one of the many groups screwed by the NEO update I’ve watched as what used to be a functioning place turn into a war zone. It’s as if they want Yahoo to fail. Maybe Mayer still works for Google and is a double agent out to ruin Yahoo. That’s the only thing that makes sense.

  • Will Phoenix

    Thanks Alterity and usvietnamvet for your comments! When I got something about this in one of my Yahoo Group e-mails I knew I was not the only one out there who was unhappy! (Love the double agent theory-lol) I am fairly new to this software otherwise i would have given you recognition sooner! Thanks for your comments and more importantly thanks for reading my stuff!

  • Edward Bax

    The worst problem with Yahoo, other than the shockingly bad redesign, is the attitude of Bonforte and Mayer and their massive egos. Yahoo is infected with a culture of contempt for their users. Over 100,000 votes to return the tabs feature, and Yahoo says “sorry-Tabs is not coming back”,stamps the issue “resolved” and that’s that.Yahoo Groups, finance, sports all suffered similar fates. The revamped mail is a masterpiece of BAD design-needed functions have been eliminated or placed out of sight, necessitating endless scrolling,attachments don’t load or can’t be opened , the “save draft” button has been replaced by an “X”.(in what galaxy is it intuitive to use “X” as a “save” function?), spam winds up in the inbox, and inbox mail ends up in spam-in return , users were provided with infantile messages,an ever-changing cutesy-poo logo, and pictures of puppies.And despite all this, Bonforte and Mayer insist the new , bug ridden,mail is here to stay.

    • usvietnamvet

      They are both ruining their reps in the online world and will be lucky to get a job after this. I wonder if they’re both drinking the same Kool-aid? Our best bet is to get the board and the advertisers to understand what’s going on.

    • Will Phoenix

      I hear ya. It certainly is less user friendly for sure.

    • Will Phoenix

      I am sorry i have not responded before but I wanted to let you know i appreciate your comments, too. OUR site is going through some changes too which is why I might have just received notification about the comments. On the other hand, I still have YAHOO for mmy e-mail so it probably is just THEM lol Thanks for checking it out Edward!

  • rhauck

    I’ve been a paying Yahoo! Mail customer since the late 90’s. Yahoo! Mail today is AWFUL. It is a train wreck, and has been for a year or more. Routine time-outs, dropped messages, deleted messages magically re-appearing, random connection failures, buggy Calendar system…and of course the fact that their Contacts functionalities are 1990’s primitive and they still haven’t figured out how to let users preview attachments instead of having to download them every time.

    I don’t want to leave Yahoo, but enough is enough. I’m actively looking for ways to offload all of my (tens of thousands of) archived e-mails and move to another system (that isn’t gmail. I don’t like gmail even a little bit).

    Yahoo has completely dropped the ball on this and it’s going to be their downfall. I think at this point it’s beyond repair.

  • Kennydee

    As a Yahoo Mail user I decided to get a GMail account for the same reason many did. It was, at the time, the prestige address–had an air of professionalism about it. Remember? GMail had panache, HotMail was out, AOL was something to be ashamed of. Well, I tried it for about two days before realizing it was nothing to jump and shout about. It was dumpy looking with a clunky interface and certainly not half as good as Yahoo Mail so I set it up to forward everything back to Yahoo and concluded I already had the best in the world so why change.

    I realized at that time that Yahoo Mail (that is, the previous version before the current “Yahoo Mail Lite”) was far and away the best world-class internet Email client. It was full-featured, fully functional, reliable, state-of-the-art, elegant, fast, and featured multi-tasking–what more could you ask for. Well Ms. Mayer decided it was just too good to be fashionable and nowadays “pretty” trumps functionality, so, in a middle-of-the-night, Stalinesque purge, she replaced it with Yahoo Mail Lite.

    Like thousands, really, millions of others I was stunned and hated the trimmed down, glossed up, comic book, Gmail wannabe she forced on us. And now, with this ridiculous outage the whole thing has backfired on her and threatened the stability of Yahoo itself. So, now, with YMail a sinking ship, I’m frantically searching the decks and can’t find a lifeboat anywhere. As far as I am concerned, Yahoo Mail is the Titanic and GMail is a rusty old steamer with a glittery name. I wonder how cold the water is?

    • Upaces

      I have been happen with Gmail. They have the feature that you can go to Google to ask a question on an “Incognito” Mode….no cookies…(Ctrl N”.

      Recently an article came out that Yahoo had been hijacked. I do NOT believe that for one minute!

  • Tom22

    I’m one that used yahoo as my primary portal for 14 years. Between any web task I would return to my.yahoo home page. I have had the same color scheme and basic content for 14 years.. I messed around with my columns a few times over the years moving news up or down, including nyt and local news paper css in my far left colum above my 13 year old stock portoflios with hundreds of stock that I click on.

    I’ve had my email with Yahoo … I have a few gmail accounts but it has always been a pain in the ass… it thinks for you and moves stuff around and trys to make assumptions about what you want to do. It fights you from having it open in mutiple windows etc.

    Yahoo finance is still clean.. but who knows when that will go the way of yahoo sports.

    I used to wander to ESPN sports now and then and dash back to Yahoo because of all the damn photos and story boxes getting in the way of nice clean list of text titles of articles and a single view of standings on the right etc.(I won’t get more specific right now)

    ESPN now is still crappy but it is a lot easier to use than the even crappier new yahoo sports…. easier to read, more info on a page and less clicks to get to the detailed information you want.. It still tryts to shove video and color stories down your throat but, jeeze the New Yahoo sports couldn’t be more useless on top of harder to read.

    So I need to find a new sports site. If they screw up the simple access to blance sheets and ratios in yahoo finance I’ll do all my quick first look stuff over at etrade.

    I’m finally getting my email on my own domain back away from gmail. Gmail has always felt like a “can’t do it your way ” email provider, but now yahoo is worse and I’m not going to leave myself at the mercy of either.

    Hotmail/outlook is also trying to manage your contacts in their way and cross sale crap.

    If something is good, the cross sales will come from loyalty like I’ve had to yahoo’s home page for years (and in turn accessed their finance and thier sports page and read all reuters articles through them and many others.

    How dumb can they be ?

    And why rush to do what a competitior is doing well instead of taking a different segment of the market ?

    Windows and tiles etc is the worst direction of all and even if 70% people end up liking it .. 30% of the market would bet a nice chunk and let all the lemmings fight for slivers of the 70% instead of 75% of the 30%

  • Will Phoenix

    I am losing track with all these comments but I truly appreciate them all. Thanks for reading my stuff, guys.

  • chitown

    I love it when I click “Send” or click an email and it just sits there like an idiot for 30 seconds…doesn’t even have the browser indicate that anything is loading. Or when I get an email for an awesome 1-day sale from a retailer I registered with, but Yahoo gets it to me 3 hours after the sale ended, while my work account got it 12 hours sooner. Everything both Yahoo and Google have done with their email in the last several months has been a travesty.

  • roundthings

    The only hardware problem is in Marissa Meyer’s head.
    An incompetent hack too proud to admit she made a mistake and go backwards, which in this case is a good thing.
    If she wants to make a change and be seen as a hero she could go way back to classic yahoo mail which was the best of the best.
    Sadly, this sack of you know what is too brain addled to even contemplate that

  • PieMan

    Why would anyone use Yahoo anyway??

    • usvietnamvet

      Many people who aren’t really young and not comfortable with computers were able to use yahoo products. Just as there are different shoe/clothes sizes there should be different services online. Not everyone likes Facebook, Twitter or enjoy their emails scanned by Google.

  • Will Phoenix

    I have totally lost track of the comments now but believe me I have also been questioning what is going on with my personal e-mail! Keep the comments coming as it is really nice to know folks care about the stuff I write about! Thanks and feel free to e-mail me personally if one of those groups protesting this is interested in being heard here on ALW!