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Dozens of Sailors From USS Ronald Reagan Suffering From Cancer After Japan Earthquake Assistance

Over 50 Sailors who served on the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) are Suffering from Thyroid Cancer, Leukemia, and Brain Tumors after participating in Humanitarian assistance during the Japanese earthquake of 2011.

During the Fukushima Nuclear rescue efforts, sailors onboard the USS Ronald Reagan and apart of the battle group that responded to the disaster, were exposed to high levels of radioactive material while afloat off the East coast of Japan.

Image from Navy.mil.

Image from Navy.mil.

(TRN http://www.TurnerRadioNetwork.com ) — Crew members in their mid-20’s from the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan are coming down with all sorts of radiation-related illnesses after being deployed less than 3 years ago to assist with earthquake rescue operations off the coast of Japan in 2011. It looks as though the onboard desalinization systems that take salt out of seawater to make it drinkable, were taking-in radioactive water from the ocean for the crew to drink, cook with and bath-in, before anyone realized there was a massive radiation spill into the ocean.

On behalf of US sailors, attorney Charles Bonner is filing a class action lawsuit against TEPCO, the owner of the Fukushima nuclear energy plant that erupted in 2011 when the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan. The following radio interview of Bonner, photos and excerpts are taken from Nuclear Hotseat and Energy News (ENE).

Interview with Charles Bonner

Charles Bonner, attorney representing sailors from the USS Ronald Reagan said “the crew members were not only going to the rescue by jumping into the water and rescuing people out of the water, but they were drinking desalinated sea water, bathing in it, until finally the captain of the USS Ronald Reagan alarmed people that they were encountering high levels of radiation.”

A sailor from the USS Ronald Reagan posted this comment on Reddit.

Reddit user TheBeneGesseritWitch said:

Just coming here to share this link. I was on another ship that was deployed in this, and my DCA and RADCON officer fought long and hard with our CO and upper chain of command regarding the Navy’s procedures to deal with entering radiated areas. Basically, they kept asking us to come up with a plan of action to allow us to continue to operate safely in a radiation cloud. DCA freaked out and was like, “THE PROCEDURE IS TO NOT DO IT! THE PROCEDURE IS TO AVOID THE CLOUD AND SEEK DEEP COVER! THE NAVY POLICIES ARE ALL TO NOT GO INTO THE MOTHERF!CKING CLOUD!” From a Damage Control view, we were completely under equipped and ill prepared to handle anything like this. We had a guy on “watch” sitting at the only authorized entrance to the weather decks with a little radiac device and they were scanning all the flight deck personnel and another one for our well deck…..They scanned–and still scan regularly–the ship to note areas of radiation contamination, but there’s really nothing we could/can do to cope with it. I have no doubt that others from my ship will start showing similar symptoms.

What concerns me is that those of us who have transferred don’t have anything marked in our medical records. I’ve gone through two PHAs and had nothing asked about it.

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  • Marcus Lovelace

    There has to be more, verifiable news on this. Where is it at? This isn’t 1950 where the news keeps things hush-hush for the government. Let’s see some verifiable facts! Until then I’m not buying a word of this.

    • Ryan Vincent Jackson

      Why not? Thyroid cancer was also witnessed after Chernobyl. The release of radioactive iodine from a nuclear accident will tend to strike the thyroid first, which is why part of the standard procedure is to administer potassium iodide tablets to those affected (to saturate the thyroid with “good” iodine versus exposure to radioactive iodine).

      One part of this article that doesn’t help is the term “radiation spill”. It’s not the “radiation” that spills out, but the “contamination” from activated elements of a nuclear reactor. It’s those elements that get released into the water, and then as they decay, they emit radiation. The desalination process doesn’t do much to combat those kinds of elements; many of them have to be filtered through resin in order to be removed from water.

      In other words, this story sounds pretty spot-on, given the symptoms and situation. The only more “verifiable” news would be the whole-body radiation counts of those sailors involved, which is medical evidence, and would likely be protected by HIPAA laws. As far as surveys of the water go, the general public doesn’t even know what a Curie is, so I doubt that any of the numbers are going to be reported on your typical news show.