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The Funeral Of Nelson Mandela Comes To An End, Mourning Continues

After a week long celebration of the triumphs of Nelson Mandela, his body is finally laid to rest. The Casket which has been on display all week for people to pay last respects has been taken to its final resting place and lowered into the ground. While the funeral of Nelson Mandela comes to an end, mourning continues all across the globe for this once great African leader. Mandela’s life was full of controversy, and struggle for human rights. His life’s work gave freedom to millions, of whom he still earns their respect.

The Funeral Of Nelson Mandela Comes To An End, Mourning Continues

[caption id="attachment_90886" align="alignleft" width="300"]Nelson Mandela As Nelson Mandela was laid to rest, a week of celebrations and ceremony come to an end.[/caption] The state ceremony of Nelson Mandela‘s funeral drew world leaders from countries all over the world, and pilgrims who came to pay respect. Not all of the moods at the funeral were of sorrow, as many tried to pay their respects by cheering for this lost leader, and remembering the good things that he had accomplished in his life. Music adorned the occasion, and set the mood for many. This week wasn’t without controversy of its own, but through it all the services remained peaceful.

The last months of Nelson Mandela’s life were met with a weakened medical condition, of which he spent much time hospitalized. During his last months, many world leaders and old friends stopped by to visit him and cherish their moments with him one last time. Their stories carried through the services this week to remind people about what a great person Mandela was, even up until his last days. His legacy for the African nation of South Africa will likely be remembered and retold for many generations to come.

Almost as suddenly as news spread around the world that Mandela has passed away, his casket was lowered into the Earth with a 21-gun salute, and then it was over. The ceremonies may be completed and people may be heading back home, but the heavy hearts and influenced minds that met in South Africa still carry with them the bittersweet memory of a favored leader now lost to the pages of history.

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The Funeral Of Nelson Mandela Comes To An End, Mourning Continues.

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