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Migraine Treatment Using Magnetic Energy Stimulation FDA Approved

The Cerena single-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation device has been approved by the FDA in the United States to treat migraines. It might just be easier to remember it by its nickname “Spring TMS“.  This therapeutic device has been proven in trials to relieve the pain and symptoms of severe migraines in a large percentage of study cases. Unlike a lot of other remedies that are not approved by the FDA yet, this one will have a chance in the near future to help many people who currently suffer from migraine attacks.

Migraine Treatment Using Magnetic Energy Stimulation FDA Approved

The new Cerena device will be produced by eNuera Therapeutics out of Sunnyvale California. The device itself is quite large and barely capable of travel, and the design of the device resembles that of a bulky home thermostat. Use of the product might even look a little strange to people who might see you using it, but the reward for those who are suffering from migraines is worth it. In many cases during trials the pain and symptoms from severe migraine attacks could be completely alleviated in as little as 2 hours using the Cerena. Since many sufferers of migraines suffer from attacks ranging in length from 4 t0 72 hours, a 2 hour treatment time can make a big difference.

The Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation works a lot like how an MRI works. By emitting an electrical pulse into the brain, the brain itself is stimulated. Unlike a MRI however, the TMS systems only send out a single pulse into the brain, rather than many continuous pulses. After approximately 20 years of study, this type of technology has been proven to be safe for long term use. This is not anything like giving yourself shock treatment, so don’t think the device is sending electricity into your brain.

Spring TMS

eNeura has developed a magnetic device that can treat migraine headaches.

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 Migraine Treatment Using Magnetic Energy Stimulation FDA Approved.

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