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Sister Wives Win Polygamy Case In Utah Court

You may know the Brown’s from their hit TV show “Sister Wives“, where the four women on the show are married to the same man, Kody Brown. All four of the women for the most part live in separate houses, but openly and knowingly share their families and the same husband. When the show first aired a few years ago there were only 3 wives, but during the course of the show Kody took on a 4th wife, Robin.

Sister Wives Win Polygamy Case In Utah Court

[caption id="attachment_90873" align="alignleft" width="300"]Sister Wives Win Polygamy Case In Utah Kody Brown and his 4 wives win a landmark case in Utah, claiming their right to a legal polygamous relationship.[/caption] In the legal sense of the word, Polygamy is illegal across the country. It is unlawful for a man to marry more than one woman at the same time, and in many cases it had been considered illegal for a man to live with more than one supposed wife under the same roof. This past week in Utah, U.S. District Court Judge Clark Waddoups sided with the Browns when he determined that the state’s current Polygamy laws were unconstitutional and violated many polygamists 1st Amendment rights. The 1st Amendment guarantees all people in the US the right to freedom of religion.

Since Kody Brown only has one marriage certificate and is only legally married to one wife, the judge determined that he and his family were living within the means of the law. Polygamy will only be able to be prosecuted in cases where a married person has more than one legal spouse and more than one marriage license. The Browns had married their additional spouses only through religious ceremony, and not through legal means.

The ruling in this court case has sent shock waves not only throughout Utah and the Mormon Church, but throughout much of the country. Many conservatives feel that there is currently an attack on what they consider to be conventional marriage, with the legalization of same-sex marriages and now this ruling on polygamy. Either way, this country was founded on the beliefs that all citizens should have the right to religious freedoms, and in this case their exercising of their religion did not violate the law as it is written.

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Sister Wives Win Polygamy Case In Utah Court.

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  • JustheaverageJoe

    Seems reasonable to me! We have many older people who live together, some after a church service, but no marriage certificate, as to protect SS benefits and other reasons. They are adults, and it doesn’t offend me if they share one man.

  • crescentfang

    Legally the judge may be right but promoting this is a really bad idea. In most cases the public winds up supporting the extra wives and children, the men are much older than the women, the female children are forced into child marriages, and the male children have to wait to marry their sister’s female children.

    The purpose of marriage is to ensure the support and protection of children. All of the public discussion lately has been about the “rights” of adults. Courts that ignore the rights of children are no better than the courts a hundred years ago who treated slaves as property instead of people. When you bring children into the world, they gain rights and you lose some of yours. That is what marriage formalizes, not a sexual relationship between adults. We all have a right to our own religion but that right ends when its practice diminishes the rights of others. What next, “honor killings”?

  • SomeoneElseTookDude

    Utah, ’nuff said.

  • krnges

    The bottom line is that Kody Brown is only married legally to one woman.