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Great time-killing iPhone apps

Some of today’s great time-killing iPhone apps weren’t “born” yesterday.  Most of them actually took years to develop and promote.  Some of them took time to build fan bases.  Still, one cannot argue with success.  According to online experts, one of the best time-killing apps for iPhones is iMob Online.

imob_onlineiMob Online is a free RPG based game created by Addmired, Inc.  With the popularity of Facebook’s Mafia Wars increasing, this game’s current popularity is no surprise.  In this game the user plays a mobster with the goal of the game being to complete missions and acquire as much property and as large a mob as possible.

This is a multi-level game and was recently updated.  One may also earn money and awards by fighting other mobsters.  The game is suggested for players over the age of 12 because of the mild references to violence, gambling, alcohol, drug and tobacco use.


mq1Another free RPG game created by Addmired, Inc is iVampires.  With the continued popularity of teen Vampire movies and cable TV vampire shows, this game’s popularity is also no surprise.  In this game the user is a vampire.  The player must survive various trials and adventures and can often find him/herself in (mildly) violent situations.

It is a multi-level, multi-player game very similar to iMob but with a different theme.  It has its own following and players meet online to share cheat codes and even socialize.  The game is updated regularly and is suggested for players who are over the age of 9 because of the violence.  Both games are iPhone apps but are also compatible with iPad and iPod touch.



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