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Dog Killer Packing Meat With Rat Poison & Leaving it in Seattle Parks

A dog killer is on the loose in Seattle packing meat with rat poison. Unsuspecting animals are eating this meat falling victim to the rat poison.

On Sunday, Dec. 15, KOMO 4 News reported that a dog named Berdy, who visited Carkeek Park in Seattle, Wash. is recovering after ingesting poisoned meat on the morning of Saturday, Dec. 14.

Courtesy of Seattle Veterinary Associates

Courtesy of Seattle Veterinary Associates.

The meat is suspected to be tainted with rat poison, and a sample has been sent to a Washington State University lab for testing.

Berdy’s owners believe the poisoned meat had been strewn along the south trail system of the park. It isn’t clear when the meat was thrown, but the group was out walking between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m.

Vomiting was induced at the clinic, and after emergency care by vets, the owners comment Berdy is doing well so far, and was enjoying snuggle time on the couch Saturday night.

Several Redditors offered advice for those dog owners whose dogs may have been poisoned by such attacks.


Just a heads up to everyone, if your dog ever eats this kind of rat poison you can go to the vet and they just give it a shot of Vitamin K and it will be fine. Or if it was recently eaten, you can just give your dog a cap of hydrogen peroxide and it will throw up everything in it’s stomach.

Source: My puppy ate some and the vet gave him a shot.


Not just a shot of vitamin K, they generally need a course of tablets for at least 4 weeks as well! Although that depends on the type of poison. I’ve seen dogs die despite treatment as well.

If your dog has eaten poison, just take it to the vets. They can make it vomit and usually take a sample and send it off to find out the cause.

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