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Fake Sphinx Pic is from Japan Miniature

The fake sphinx pic that went viral on Saturday as reports of “Egypt’s Sphinx,” that was covered in snow surfaced. However, it has now been reported that it was a fake miniature from Japan.

Fake Sphinx Pic is from Japan Miniature - photo from Reddit

Fake Sphinx Pic is from Japan Miniature – photo from Reddit

According to Buzzfeed, the reports of the first snowfall in North Africa for over 100 years are true, however, the Sphinx covered in snow is not as the widely shared photos are from the Tobu World Square theme park in Japan. The photos started popping up on Twitter and Facebook causing quite a stir as many thought the photos were of a real snowfall happening in North Africa.

However, more and more people started to notice the areas around the famous Sphinx statue were not accurate and realized that the photo was fake. What gave the photo away? Who knows, but perhaps the Eiffel Tower in the background had something to do with it.

Once it was realized the photo was not authentic, it became clear that the series of pictures were from the 1/25 scale model theme park. Tobu World Square also features notable monuments such as the Tower Bridge and the Empire State Building.

Fake Sphinx Pic is from Japan Miniature.

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