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Bobby Thompson Gets 28 Years For Scamming Navy Vets

An attorney who was Harvard-educated was sentenced to 28 years for scamming Navy vets. John Donald Cody, or better known as Bobby Thompson, had scammed Navy Vets out of roughly $100 Million for a fake charity that he was running. Of that money, only about $6 Million of it will probably ever been seen again.

Bobby Thompson Gets 28 Years For Scamming Navy Vets

[caption id="attachment_91024" align="alignleft" width="300"]bobby thompson Commander Bobbty Thompson was a well-respected organizer of a charity, until it was discovered that it was all lies.[/caption] The fake charity that Cody ran was called U.S. Navy Veterans Association, and it spent years conning veterans and the general public out of their money. The public gave to the charity willingly out of respect for the service members who defend our country, and this con artist knew all too well that he could prey on people’s patriotism.

There are many charitable organizations out there whom give very little money to the causes that they claim to support, but many of those are still considered to be legitimate charities. The U.S. Navy Veterans Association operated a bit differently, and as it turned out was very profitable and was not giving money to the causes it was claiming. Other charities can struggle with maintaining a profit margin while exercising their budgets to advertise their cause and also to cover the overhead and payroll expenses that can sometimes consume these charitable causes.

Cody had provided many wild stories about why he ha operated the charity and what the purpose of it was, but none of them ever came with any solid proof. He may be a well-educated attorney, but in reality he has concocted so many stories about who he is and what he is doing that some probably wonder if he even remembers the truth anymore.

People like Cody may ruin some people’s faith in charities, but do not let this be a sign of all that are out there. If you plan to give to a charitable organization, do a little bit of research on it, and see if there are any reviews out there. There are certainly some long-standing charities out there which can easily be recognized as valid, but if something seems suspicious to you it may be best to avoid donating, and send your money somewhere you trust instead.

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Bobby Thompson Gets 28 Years For Scamming Navy Vets.

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