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Oculus Raises $75 Million For Virtual Reality Gaming Console

A new start-up company from California has some high hopes in the gaming industry. Oculus VR has reportedly raised about $75 Million in capital to help them develop and launch a Virtual Reality gaming console that would be targeted to fans of existing consoles. This attempt to bring an affordable Virtual Reality experience to the home would be the first successful attempt if they can make it happen.

Oculus Raises $75 Million For Virtual Reality Gaming Console

[caption id="attachment_91032" align="alignleft" width="300"]Oculus Rift The Oculus Rift would be the first commerically successful home Virtual Reality console if it can make it in the gaming industry.[/caption] Oculus VR will need to take on the current gaming giants like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo in order to find a place on the shelves of retailers across the globe. There may be a strong demand for a high quality Virtual Reality gaming console, as the systems like Playstation Move and XBox Kinnect have risen in popularity. What will set Oculus apart from the other competition is that in addition to spacial sensors like the motion bars on other consoles, Oculus is developing a Virtual Reality headset that will emerse its gamers in a 360 degree gaming atmosphere rather than a 2 dimensional TV screen.

Oculus is expected to be a major hit with first person shooter games and other first person adventures, as this is where the need for a 360 degree gaming experience will really come in handy. This type of technology would increase the immersion of these types of gamers into their desired universe. One could even suggest that this type of technology would have a valid use in training for both civilian and military markets.

Oculus has tentatively named their gaming console the Oculus Rift, as it sort of represents a tear in the fabric of reality that allows you to escape for a moment and enter a new realm. There are lots of high hopes for the console, so if they can navigate the tricky world of both the video game industry and consumer demand, then you might see these systems available some time in the next few years.

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Oculus Raises $75 Million For Virtual Reality Gaming Console.

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