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Tragedy in Manila Phillipines Skyway Accident

In Manila, Phillipines, a passenger bus flew off a wet, elevated highway early this morning killing at least 17 people and injuring even more.


Photo Courtesy of Associated Press

The elevated road, called a Skyway, was wet from rain when the accident occured, and is considered a factor in the accident.

Irene Sisperes, a motorist who witnessed the accident, believes that the bus was speeding, traveling between 62-68 mps.

She said it was still dark and it was raining when the accident happened.

Other accounts from survivors and witnesses also confirmed the driver was speeding when he lost control and hit the wall of the Skyway.  Some passengers believe the bus driver may have also been sleepy, which mixed with the wet and slippery road from the rain could have caused the fatal accident.

When it the bus plunged, it landed on a van, killing the van driver instantly.  Carmelo Calascas, the bus driver, survived and is being treated at a local hospital.

Police Superintendent Elizabeth Velasquez Highway Patrol Group announced that Calascas, the driver of the bus, will “face charges of reckless imprudence resulting to multiple homicide and multiple damage to properties.

The chairman of the government’s Land Transportation, Franchising and Regulatory Board, Winston Ginez, said that all the 78 buses of Don Mariano Transit Corp. have been ordered suspended for 30 days.  Drivers are being instructed to get retrained in an effort to avoid another tragedy.

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