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Girl Dies After Drinking Too Many Red Bulls Overworking

Mita Diran, copywriter from Indonesia dies after tweeting about overworking

  • Mita Diran dies after tweeting about overworking

  • Mita Diran regularly tweeted about her nightmarish work schedule

  • Co-workers blame Red Bull for Mita Diran’s death

  • Mita Diran’s mother blames Red Bull

Mita Duran Girl Dies After Drinking Too Many Red Bulls

Girl Dies After Drinking Too Many Red Bulls
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Mita Diran, 24, a copywriter from Indonesia died shortly after tweeting one of many claims about how much she worked.  Her latest, and last tweet read, “30 hours of work and still going strooong,” on Saturday night.

Mita Diran regularly overworked herself, and even considered getting home from work before midnight a small victory.  She also regularly posted tweets such as, “Alright, one full week of going home past 2am from the office. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we just broke a record.”

While some may say that she literally “worked herself to death,” the fact of the matter may lie in her Red Bull consumption.

Mita Diran’s mother wrote of the tragedy on BuzzFeed, “Hi everyone, since last night and until now my daughter who is a copyrighter in Y&R lay in coma in RSPP.”

“Chances not very good. She collapsed after continuous working overtime for 3 days last night. Working over the limit. I have not slept since then.”

An hour later, Mita Diran died.  Her mother again wrote, “She died because too much of overtime working, and too much kratingdaeng attacks her heart.’

“May she rest in peace.”

Kratingdaeng is Red Bull in Thai.  Mita Diran tweeted at least once about Red Bull, “Spent half the night writing copy and finishing up a 23-page deck with a glass of vodka/red bull mix and now I can’t sleep. SO BEAR WITH ME.”  However, from her mother’s post, it appears that it was more than a once in awhile habit.

The company Young & Rubicam that Mita Diran worked for offered condolences and a day’s reprieve from work to pay respects for the young copywriter.

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  • MercuryIsGod

    So, she died because she drank too much Red Bull, and people around her actually blame the company that made the product instead of blaming the real guilty party.

    I am not talking about her. She felt like she needed to take that to stay awake, and to have more energy. She had to finish her work.

    Blame the bosses, all over the world, who make their employees work too much, while probably underpaying them, too. Not everybody works for approximately 4920 minutes and earns $8 million.

    Yes, her mother briefly mentioned them, but everybody seems be against Red Bull in this story more than anyone else.

    Did she mix alcohol with Red Bull, that last day? This can be a dangerous combination, too. If it is the case, then she was partially to blame, but never as much as the people who made her work too much.

  • koconor100

    Red Bull should be illegal.
    I bought a big can of it (funny how they never sell small cans) took one sip , and had a headache for hours. If less than four ounces can do that … that stuff is seriously over powered. Never drank it again. Life without headaches is a beautiful thing.

    It was inevitable someone would Over Dose on it.