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Microsoft Due To Appoint New CEO By Early 2014

As Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is due to step down as CEO of the company come early 2014, they are expected to announce his successor soon. The company is full of many qualified candidates ,and Bill Gates himself has even reportedly spent time getting to know some of the top picks himself. Ballmer isn’t stepping down due to any scandal, he is just due for retirement so it has come time to replace him.

Microsoft Due To Appoint New CEO By Early 2014

Microsoft CEO 2014No specific names have been given about the top picks of the nearly 100 reported candidates that may take over this high-profile role. Microsoft draws upon some of the most talented professionals in the industry given their dominance of the field. Whoever gets appointed as the new CEO in 2014 will have some big shoes to fill, in addition to some overly large checks to cash come payday.

Throughout the past decades Microsoft has risen from the garages where Gates and his associates fumbled with computers all the way up to one of the biggest names in business. They have become industry leaders in computers, video games, and software. Their constant eye for innovation has kept them near the top of the competitive spectrum even after Bill Gates stepped down from running the daily operations of the company years ago.

Microsoft stocks have fallen a little in the past weeks, but this may not be die specifically to the anticipation of who will be the new CEO. Microsoft is expected to have a strong year in 2014 as they continue to sell the new XBox One and some of the upcoming Windows based tablets. In some facets Microsoft has still struggled to topple other giants of the Industry, such as Apple’s stranglehold on the Smartphone and tablet markets.

Microsoft Due To Appoint New CEO By Early 2014.

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