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RFID Scanner’s at Wal-Mart or Healthcare Bar Code Scanner?

As Obamacare slowly introduces itself into main stream America, conspiracy theorist are up in arms all over. With the launch of the healthcare.gov website reality is setting in as change in healthcare coverage is taking form.

The idea of an RFID chip being planted under a patients skin, is what many conspiracy theorist are calling the “mark of the beast.” For those of you who do not know what an RFID chip is the website RFIDBA.org explains their vision and mission below.

Vision and Mission


To raise awareness and promote the adoption of RFID and RTLS technologies in the healthcare, assisted living and nursing home industries through high quality, vendor neutral, educational programs.


The RFID in Healthcare Consortium (RHCC) is a primary source for vendor neutral, educational programs; industry information; and other value added services pertinent to RFID and RTLS technologies. The RHCC serves the needs of end user communities in the healthcare, assisted living, and nursing home industries.

Walmart has rolled out a machine called the Solo Health Station, and it is designed to connect it’s shopper with Obamacare and it’s subsidies. A very interesting feature of this machine is that it has a scanner port to read an RFID microchip that is placed at approximately where your right hand would be when you are standing in front of it.

Although not an RFID scanner in the video below, the bar code scanner worries many over the new technology and changes coming in the to the American health care system.

Share your thoughts on the idea of having an RFID chip implanted into your skin.

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    The Book of Revelation says the “Mark of The Beast” will be a mark that will be put on the hand or the forehead and the prophesies have always come true as told. Even the crucifixion of JC that was prophesied more than 1,000 years before the event was accurate to the smallest detail.
    It appears that this RFID chip, for now is voluntary. The real Mark of The Beast will be a MANDATORY mark of some kind. It is the one that will be made mandatory is the one to be refused. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES allow any government to implant any tracking, reading device onto your person! The technology is here to do it and when it is made a law that every person MUST have one….BEWARE! Better to break manmade law than to disobey G-d. The bible also warns that there will be some requirement to swear some sort of allegiance to the Beast as well which will separate you from G-d and Heaven for eternity!