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Carli Bybel And Beauty Bloggers On Project Runway

You may have never heard of Carli Bybel, but you will. Carli is a highly followed beauty guru who has uploaded videos to her YouTube Channel the Beauty Bybel since June 2011. Bybel has over 1.1 million subscribers and it was just formally announced that she will be a guest on the Lifetime show Project Runway All Stars airing Thursday, December 19th.

Carli Bybel And Beauty Bloggers On Project Runway

Carli as Jasmine

Photo credit: Beauty By Carli Bybel Facebook Photos

The preview for the show has aired and she has now been allowed to mention this news on her channel, where she and 4 other certified “beauty gurus” or beauty bloggers were chosen to work with the designers on what the hottest trends for 2014 in fashion will be. Bybel is just 23 years old, lives in New Jersey, has more than 730,000 likes on Facebook and has generated her rising career on social media, where she is able to showcase her beauty tricks, tips and advice.

Beauty bloggers and vloggers have become essential pieces of marketing to companies and for PR in general. It is not uncommon even for youths (under 18) to be offered sponsorship opportunities or asked to become brand or beauty ambassadors for make-up and clothing companies.

What Is A Beauty Ambassador?

An agent that represents a brand, informs, reviews and offers advice to customers on the product. Increases sales and often follows a code of conduct. The pay ranges from $20,000-$100,000 year and there are nearly as many job listings for librarians as there are for beauty bloggers on indeed.

Vlogging has allowed the entire world of fashion to open up for those in the beauty guru community, connecting ages, races, sizes, and countries in a very personal way, via video diary or “vlog”. Unlike other social media, having a YouTube Channel allows for a controlled (and safer) internet environment than many alternatives for the often young, beautiful and very open beauty bloggers.


Here is the preview for Thursday’s show, courtesy of Carli Bybel’s YouTube Channel.

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