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Santa’s Training Revealed! So That’s How He Does It!

One of the great magical mysteries of life that we still cannot explain is how Santa is able to accomplish his grand task of delivering presents all over the world in under 24 hours. Even with all of the advances in aviation and postal delivery has come such a long way since the pony express, Santa prefers his reindeer and sleigh.

Drones will never be an option for Santa’s deliveries, his tried and true method works, but how? One thing is for certain, there’s a lot of preparation that goes into this highly anticipated annual event. If you ever wondered what goes into Santa’s training in the “off season”, it has been discovered.

Santa’s Training, So That’s How He Does It!

There are many logical guesses as to what Santa does the other days of the year, perhaps he is a cookie taster, a toy designer, or even a magician. Most likely he is all of these and possesses one very secret skill, or discipline, that enables him to come down chimneys, and go from roof to roof so effortlessly, it’s stuntman training!

This theory at first may seem disputable, but think for a second about the almost ninja like abilities of Santa who is able to be in more than one place at a time, is usually in disguise and never takes full credit, travels stealthy usually at night and those lightning quick moves! While there is no proof that Santa has actually trained with ninja’s, there is proof that he has been involved in the best stunt man training in the world, parkour, or in this newly discovered footage, free running.

This video is not actually Santa himself, its Ronnie Shalvis, a 23 year old professional stunt coordinator, free runner and parkour trainer from Utah.  Ronnie has created several viral videos that have been featured on major news programs, his latest projects include mixing zombies with free running and parkour. Parkour and free running are gaining in popularity here in the US, originally from France but popular all over the globe. Part of the reason for this popularity of the two disciplines (not sports) of parkour and free running is that adaptability, requiring no special equipment, weather conditions don’t really matter, there is no membership fee (unless you’re part of a group) and it’s fun exercise that always stays challenging for any skill level.

Parkour in winter

Photo:By Dawid “Ray” Friebe from Katowice, Poland (Welcome winter [Dawid “Ray” Friebe]) CC-BY-SA-2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Not to jump to conclusions,  the only problem with this theory is that big, bulging, belly like a bowl of jelly, which he couldn’t possibly have if he were doing this type of training right? Yet it could just be body padding to ensure safety and keep his tumbles (if he does fall), silent as a mouse.

Do you have theories of your own about Santa’s training? If you do, please share with us at American Live Wire, we can solve this mystery together!

Video courtesy: YouTube, “Santa Parkour

Feature Image courtesy: By George Eastman House from Rochester, NY, United States (A&P, COFFEE, SANTA CLAUS  Uploaded by oaktree_b) [Public domain]

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