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Russian President Vladimir Putin jealous over Obama spying

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he’s jealous over Obama spying and being able to get away with it, after being asked how he felt about the recent reports made by former NSA agent turned fugitive Edward Snowden. Putin said, “How do I feel about Obama after Snowden’s revelations? I envy him, because he can get away with it.”

Obama and Putin

Obama and Putin agree to never speak
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Earlier this year fugitive Snowden fled to Russia, where he was granted asylum. Putin deemphasized the importance of Snowden revealing that the United States monitored communications of world leaders. He said, “espionage is one of the oldest professions in the world, just like some other well-know professions – we won’t mention them here,” making reference to prostitution while talking with reporters from USA Today. Putin made it clear the Russians were not helping or working with Snowden only giving him shelter, he said, “To speak in professional jargon, operatively speaking, we are not working with him,  and we never worked with him.” Snowden faces felony charges if tried in the U.S. court system.

President Putin did say however, that he believes there needs to limits on the amount surveillance thats allowed or the special services appetite for surveillance would become to great. Vladimir Putin is the fourth Russian president and held the office as the Prime Minister of Russia prior taking over the presidency.

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