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Scientists learn how to remove HIV from cells

Scientists in Germany have discovered a way to cut out the HIV cell without harming the other cells. This groundbreaking research could possibly be the key to helping scientists around the world find a cure for AIDS. Dresden’s Technical University in Dresden, Germany has successfully used this cell removal method to cure HIV-infected lab mice.

“There are various methods and similar approaches, but removing the virus from the infected cells is unique,” said Professor Joachim Hauber, head of the antiviral research section at Hamburg’s Heinrich Pette Institute.  Hauber went on to say, “The amount of the virus was clearly reduced, and even no longer to found in the blood.”

German scientist

Professor Buchholz at work. Photo: DPA

Scientists have been able to safely remove the deadly HIV cells by manipulating its DNA, so the HIV cell can be extracted without harming the remaining healthy cells. Dresden researchers have created an enzyme that mutates and is able single out the HIV cell. The team of scientists at Dresden often refer to the enzyme as a pair of “molecular scissors” that cuts up the DNA and arranges it separately from the HIV cells.

Although this research has yet to be used on humans the team at Dresden is hopeful that this new discovery could be used on humans in about 10 years. The potential is there now is just the process of finding sponsors and money to continue the research.

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