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Reddit Receives Criticism After Moderator Bans Climate Change Skeptics

Reddit touts itself as “The Front Page Of The Internet”, and rightly so has a huge following. Reddit’s content is fueled by user-contributed content, much of which often becomes viral after being spread across social media. You can find nearly anything from educational articles all the way down to some of the oddest photographs that you might have ever seen in your life. If you have some free time that you don’t mind burning, then Reddit is a great place to browse and hang out online.

Reddit Receives Criticism After Moderator Bans Climate Change Skeptics

Reddit Bans Global Warming SkepticsAll of the positive praise aside, Reddit just recently received a lot of scrutiny and criticism from it’s fans and peers due to a popular moderator banning members who had posted comments and articles that were contradictory to the widespread belief of global climate change. Global Warming has been a sensitive and debated topic for the past few decades, and some believe it to be scientific fact while others conjecture that it is part of Earth’s natural cycle.

2013 has brought forth some fuel for climate change skeptics after a reported near record amount of summertime ice was seen in the Arctic, as well as a huge growth in sea ice there this winter as well. This evidence didn’t stop the moderator from taking a neutral stance and allowing the comments to sit among the other Science articles on Reddit.

The moderator himself is a Chemist with a Ph.D. who claims to have a vast knowledge of the truth behind global climate change, and he personally felt that the comments and articles posted on Reddit which contradicted that belief were not based on scientific principle and therefor not warranting a placement on their site. While some wholly believe that Global Warming is not true, they will have an uphill battle to fight if they wish to change other people’s minds who are indoctrinated into that understanding. Afterall, what would it hurt if humans decided to minimize our negative impact on the environment?

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Reddit Receives Criticism After Moderator Bans Climate Change Skeptics.

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