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iBooks app is exceptional and free

iBooks app is a free app that allows people to read books, magazines, newspapers and other publications on the go.  Under the category of books, the current version, 3.2, was updated less than a month ago and requires 31 MB of space.  It is compatible with not only the iPhone but the iPad and the iPod touch and requires iOS 3.2 or newer.


iBooks is free

Users may also browse and purchase books using this app as well.  Critics praise the fact that it works on the ePub standard as opposed to a proprietary Apple format.  There are presently only five major publishers involved with this app including but not limited to Hachette Book Group, Harper Collins, Macmillan, Penguin and Simon & Schuster.

Critics note that unlike Amazon Kindle, this app works with multi-purpose devices.  One major concern the creators have is that as this goes to press price will somehow play a factor in the future of this app.  For example, the iPad was once significantly more expensive than the Amazon Kindle.

Additionally, the “E Ink” display is preferred by some experts because it is more convenient to use outside.  On the other hand, critics note, perhaps some potential customers will be willing to pay the extra money for all the additional features the iPad offers a user.  One particular extra is the color LCD screen which works with the iBooks app.  The app is presently available in only 16 languages including: English, French, Chinese, Dutch, Danish, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Polish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian and Spanish.  Brought to you by the people at Apple Inc, it is suggested for users over the age of four.


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