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Who is Mark Zmuda?

300 Catholic kids clamor over firing of gay vice-principal  Mark Zmuda


Mark Zmuda

Students at Eastside Catholic School in Sammamish, Washington held a “sit-in” to protest the “forced resignation” of their Vice-Principal Mark Zmuda.  According to senior Julia Troy Zmuda was forced to resign because he married a man.  While Zmuda was married over the summer, the school did not learn about the marriage until sometime last month.

Eastside Catholic School reported that Mark Zmuda resigned for marrying a man.  Sister Mary Tracy, school spokesperson, confirmed that this was a breach of contract and that tomorrow is his last day.

An anonymous online source said: “The administration is opposed to this but they were given no choice.”   Tracy confirmed this stating this was “a church decision is not a school decision.”  Many students are upset by the decision of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle.

Indeed, approximately 300 students are refusing to go to class in support of V.P. Mark Zmuda.  Some students report teachers stopped forcing them to return to class.  The high schoolers were uncertain as to how long their protest would last.  Tomorrow is only a half-day.  Furthermore it is also the last day before the start of winter break.

mark zmuda

“Sit-in” protest for Mark Zmuda

Meanwhile, students continue to garner support via social networks such as Reddit and Twitter.  One student has posted a petition expressing the “outrage” of the student body, stating that they “have experienced an egregious injustice”.  It states that Mark Zmuda is “an incredible administrator, coach, and human being was fired solely because of his love and marriage for another human being.”

The petition requests that the Catholic Church reconsider its position on gay marriage.  They urge the powers that be to act “as Jesus would have” and be “loving and supporting” of everyone “regardless of their marital status . . . so that the Catholic Church can achieve its mission of acting with unconditional love in every situation. “  The petition presently has more than  2,000 signatures can be found on Change.org.

(Image courtesy of Eastsidecatholic.org and Reddit)

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  • Robert Altman

    I bet if all the students went to other schools the church in Seattle would decide they were wrong . He should move to my state (SC) we have a lesbian superintendent believe it or not..

  • Will Phoenix

    I am not saying it is right or wrong but I DO suspect there was a “morals clause” in the contract he signed. So the folks who argue you are gay from birth would have me believe that he knew he was gay when he signed it. I think he should have taken a job elsewhere and avoided the issue. It IS a religious school after all. Yeah, he could have applied in your neck of the woods! Thanks for reading my stuff Robert!

    • TJWatson

      Hmm, sounds a lot like A&E suspending Phil from Duck Dynasty, but people arguing in favor of the “rights” of Phil won’t see it that way, because after all, Phil is “right” and this man is “wrong”.

      • Will Phoenix

        As a matter of fact, TJ I covered that story, too. Feel free to check that out and comment as well. As always, thanks for reading my stuff!

    • Bike_Guy

      Sure, and those who use birth control should resign too. That would leave (maybe) the nuns.

      • Will Phoenix

        Personally, as someone who struggled to get back into teaching and could not, Iwould be OK with that. I don’t think anyone who can’t stick to the contracts should sign on the dotted line. MIND YOU, I am NOT saying I agree with the Catholic Church though . . . but if you sign a contract like that and don’t intend to stick to it at least don’t publicize it when you break the contract. According to some posts by students he came out and admitted it. It’s unfortunate that so many people must be hurt.
        Thanks again for your comments!

  • http://www.picsofcelebrities.net/blog/2012/05/08/voice-season-finale Cromulent

    Apparently a lot of Catholics are unfamiliar with the Magisterium. Sad.

    • Will Phoenix

      While I have studied some religions years ago I am not Catholic so I probably have less understanding of it than you do. I must say I do wonder if these kids are going to that school because they want to or they have to, ya know?. Thanks for the comment and for reading my stuff. I appreciate when you guys read and comment. I really do.

  • Bike_Guy

    Yet another beloved teacher fired for being gay.

    The Catholic Church lives in hypocrisy. If the Church just as rigorously went after those who practice birth control or divorce, or support the death penalty, they would at least have the benefit of consistency. But they would also have empty hallways.

    Mr. Zmuda’s marriage was a civil marriage, not a religious one. Should the church also expel any Catholic who marries a non-Catholic? What about those who marry outside the church? Are they expelled?

    What about the wealthy parents who don’t give a hoot about the poor, who scorn the downtrodden? When will the Church expel them?

    A cohort of the Church is obsessed with homosexuality. Even the Pope sees how damaging this obsession has been, at the expense of issues that truly matter.

    But gays and lesbians are safer victims, and they also feed the Catholic leadership’s own rage. The acceptance of gays and lesbians has not only depleted their ranks of easy fodder for the rectory and nunnery, but at the same torments their own inner devils. Ruled by a coven of closeted gay men, Church leadership absolutely hums with suppressed envy at the thought of men living out their lives with the love that each of us deserves to know in this lifetime.

    The greatest shame is for Mr. Zmuda’s students. They have now been taught that he is a lesser human being who, by publicly expressing the most important aspect of who he is, does not deserve to lead them.

    Any parent who continues to send their children to such a school must ponder the lessons their children will learn. Twenty years from now, and probably sooner, they will look to you the way children today look back at those who self-righteously sent their kids to segregated schools in the South. They will be ashamed of you and your parenting.

    • Will Phoenix

      Wow! Thanks Bikeguy! I was not sure anyone cared all that much since I have not seen a lot of sharing the piece yet. Thanks for commenting and thanks for reading my stuff!

  • Marco Luxe

    As for the supposed contract that incorporated all RCC teachings, here’s one clause from official doctrine, the Catechism, that the school seems to have deliberately ignored.

    2358 [Homosexuals] must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives.

    I’m not making this stuff up. The archdiocese of Seattle is trying to import an unstated and nebulous morals clause into the contract while ignoring official written doctrine to the contrary. Who’s really in breach here?

    • Will Phoenix

      That is an interesting theoretical argument. Not sure if it would hold up in court but is very interesting from a moral standpoint! Thanks for your comment and of course for reading the article!