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No More Duck Dynasty Without Phil Robertson

The TV Show Duck Dynasty has taken the airwaves and retailer shelves by storm this year. A wholesome show about a financially successful millionaire family living the country life has captivated fans all over. Given the Robertson family’s strong religious viewpoints on many other matters, the public should not have been shocked by Phil Robertson’s statements the other day when asked how he feels about homosexuality.

No More Duck Dynasty Without Phil Robertson

No More Duck DynastyThe Robertson Family released a statement yesterday, stating that without Phil Robertson on the show the rest of the family is not interested in continuing with it either. They have announced that they do not wish to film the TV show anymore if the network and producers no longer wish to have their patriarch on the show.

Some people may see this statement from the Robertson’s as an attempt to bully the show’s network into keeping Phil on board, but the Robertson’s just see it as something that is ethical. The Robertson’s apparently wouldn’t dream about selling out their family values in order to keep fame and fortune. Plus, it wasn’t like the family wasn’t making big bucks before the show came along. After all, the show is about a family that has more money than they need, but they choose to still live a more simple country life with small town charm.

All in all, the Robertson Family has inspired many to uphold their family values, and it shows that while some people may be very conservative in their beliefs, they still know how to have fun too. This isn’t even the first time that the Robertson’s have come under scrutiny in recent months. Not that long ago there was a minor outrage about the TV network showing the family praying on their show too. Ultimately the network and producers will probably bow to pressures from fans and supporters, and possibly even their accountants and come begging the Robertson Family to come back on TV.

The fact of the matter is that Duck Dynasty was about Money, Family, and Ducks, all of which the Robertson’s had before the producers came along to make a TV show.

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No More Duck Dynasty Without Phil Robertson.

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