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Yahoo Tabs Are Coming Back

When Yahoo Mail launched its updates to its mail service back in October, many users were outraged at the removal of the Tabs feature they had grown accustomed to. Some users had become so used to having the tabs feature, that they found it nearly impossible to multi-task their emails with the new updates. Much like how tabbed browsing greatly improved multi-tasking between webpages, Yahoo Tabs worked quite similar.

Yahoo Tabs Are Coming Back

Yahoo Mail Tabs Are BackRejoice once again, as Yahoo Mail welcomes back its Tabs feature for its free email users. The Tabs feature comes back not as it once was though, but with design enhancements to match the newer updates to Yahoo Mail from October. This pleases many of those who were left in despair, but there are still others who didn’t want anything to change from what they were already used to. Not many people like to take a day out of their lives to learn how to use a drastically changed interface for their free web-based emails.

Yahoo has been full of drastic updates, as it struggles to remain relevant in the ever-competitive world of the Internet. Newcomers are always coming out with newer and more innovative ideas for user interaction.

Do free web-based email users really want their services to remain cutting edge and appealing? We are talking about everyone from your average internet user, all the way down to someone’s grandma who can barely keep track of who all they have emailed in the first place. Perhaps it is best to leave these types of service as the most user friendly, rather than cutting edge.

Yahoo Tabs Are Coming Back.

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  • J Bello

    Yahoo Mail SUCKS. The old Yahoo mail worked fine and was easy to use. But then about a month ago Yahoo decided that working fine and easy to use was bad. So they improved their mail. No one I know liked the change. Then about two weeks ago, Millions of Yahoo Mail users, including me, lost mail service completely. Mine, like millions others was Down for over four days. Could not send, receive or even get to my contact list. Cost me MONEY, missed important messages.

    “F” Yahoo Mail as in FAILED. AVOID at all costs.

    • gk_2000

      Hey chill man… come back when you’re sober

  • Robert Riversong

    I’ve almost never encountered a “new and improved” product that was better than what preceded it. Change for the sake of change seems to be the driving impulse of profit-making companies.