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Dietary tips for the holidays and forever

Dietary tips for the holidays . . .

and forever

People with a true desire to stay healthy would do well to follow a few basic dietary tips.  First, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Getting some fuel into your body to “get your motor running” is a very important step.  One would be wise to include a variety of nutritious foods including whole grains and fiber.


Dietary tips for the holidays

Some healthy choices for breakfast might include oatmeal or bacon and eggs.  Oatmeal provides both soluble and insoluble fiber.  Bacon and eggs can prevent metabolic syndrome.  If fat is a concern, bacon substitutes are low in fat and sodium and can be a healthy alternative.  If cholesterol is an issue, egg substitutes can always be used.  Adding fresh fruit to your breakfast can also provide one with add various vitamins to this important meal.

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Dietary tips for the holidays

Another way to stay healthy is to be regularly active. Exercise is very important for the cardiovascular system. Some of the more popular exercises are walking or running, cycling, hiking or even working out to a home workout video.  All these activities can help one achieve the desired result. One must remember that when exercising it is always wise to make sure to stay hydrated.  This is another very important factor in keeping healthy.

Some other tips to consider are to begin any lifestyle changes slowly.  Carefully create your own personal exercise regime.  Changing things too quickly or drastically can have a negative effect. Simplify, incorporate desired foods and find easy recipes to include in your daily diet. Remember that every change made to improve one’s health matters and can bring one closer to the desired goal of staying healthy.

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