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Gandalf Vs. Tram: You Shall Not Pass Video Stops Tram In Poland

Gandalf stops a tram to film You Shall Not Pass Video

  • You shall not pass video created by SA Wardega

  • You shall not pass video gains nearly 3 million hits in less than 1 week

you shall not pass video

Gandalph stars in You Shall Not Pass video

Gandalf saves the day yet again by standing in the way of a tram shouting shouting, “You shall not pass!”

It’s almost like in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Fellowship of The Ring:” Gandalf stands in the way of Balrog and tells him to “go back to the shadow” to buy time for fleeing Frodo Baggins and his companions.  In the You Shall Not Pass video, Gandalf buys time for his friends fleeing across the tracks of an oncoming tram.

The You Shall Not Pass video was filmed in Warsaw rather than the Mines of Moria.  Polish pranksters decided that a tram would best represent the Balrog as they fled from it in this recreation.

Tolkien’s Gandalf almost died in the confrontation, but the Warsaw practical joker, called SA Wardega, just irritated the tram driver.

A YouTube video of the prank posted last week has gone viral with nearly 3 million views by Saturday, just days before Poland’s premiere of the “The Hobbit” film sequel.

Countless fans and followers applauded the efforts of SA Wardega and their You Shall Not Pass video through numerous positive remarks.


If I were a passenger on that tram, I would be LMFAO and applauding. However,Smeagol should not have had any underwear showing. – QueerAndUnplugged

epic!  every member of the fellowship was represented faithfully.  Even the cameo at the end! – stereophonic77

so terribley bad that its actually good.

but the fact that they didn’t show the conductor pulling out pepper spray or a taser and taking gandalf down is why this short will NEVER get an oscar. – John Public

You can find more videos and pranks by SA Wardega here.

You shall not pass video courtesy of SA Wardega on YouTube

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