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4 Short Hills Mall Killers Finally Caught

Six days ago, Dustin Friedland and his wife were at the The Mall at Short Hills  in New Jersey shopping for holiday gifts for friends and family. Just as they had finished their shopping trip and loaded the gifts into their vehicle, they were carjacked at gun point and he was murdered in front of his wife. In total, four men were involved in the carjacking, though only two of them were reportedly involved in the brutal murder themselves.

Short Hills Mall Killers Finally Caught

4 Suspects Caught In Short Hills Mall MurderAfter a police and FBI manhunt, all four of the alleged attackers were finally caught. The four African-American males ranged in age from 29-33. They are being officially charged with murder, conspiracy, and carjacking. Other charges may be filed against certain individuals in this case as well. The names of the attackers were given as: Karif Ford, Basim Henry, Kevin Roberts, and Hanif Thompson. A complete motive for the carjacking and murder has not yet been determined.

Henry and FordThe suspects shot and killed Dustin Friedland before he ever knew that there was trouble. He was shot four times right in front of his wife. The four attackers then took the Friedland’s 2012 Range Rover and went on a joy ride before ditching the SUV at an abandoned house. The suspects gained little, if anything, from accomplishing this heinous act except the right to remain silent and hopefully spend the rest of their lives behind bars for this crime.

The people in the communities around Hoboken New Jersey have been nervous since this senseless murder last Sunday, but perhaps they can rest a little easier knowing that the four people accused of committing the act have been captured. Many people are on heightened alert when shopping in the area, just to make sure that they remain safe while completing their holiday shopping.

Featured images from police handout.

Short Hills Mall Killers Finally Caught.

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